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Should You Record Your Own Album? Pt 2

Posted by Jonathan Parker, 18 May 2008 · 1311 views

Have you ever considered recording your own album? Yesterday we began sharing tips from Melina RoChelle, one of the members of RoGue, an independent band that has produced three full-length albums. While RoGue has faced lots of challenges along the way, they have successfully produced and sold lots of music and they were even nominated for a major award.

When we talked to Melina RoChelle about tips she'd give to bands considering producing their own album, she had lots of advice to give. Because RoGue has produced three albums, they've spent a lot of time in the studio. Therefore she stressed that before a band decides to work with an engineer, they should make sure that they are comfortable in his or her studio. "It might sound trivial, but it's very important that you're comfortable in the studio because you're going to be spending a lot of time there," said Melina RoChelle. "If you're in a band, you're going to have multiple musicians performing on your album which means there will be times when you're in the studio, but not necessarily recording. It's important that the green room, which is the room where you will be waiting, is comfortable and clean. The studio we use has a television and lots of magazines to read which helps when we start to get bored."

Melina RoChelle also stressed the importance of budgeting. "It's important to create a budget before you start the recording process and stick to it," she said. "You may have 15 songs that you want to record, but once you create your budget you may discover that you only have enough money for nine songs."

Some bands and solo artists try to find the cheapest engineer possible, but Melina RoChelle advises against that approach. "Remember, you get what you pay for," she says. "So while you want to find someone that's affordable, you don't want to sacrifice the quality of your album." In order to find an affordable and skilled sound engineer and sound mixer, Melina RoChelle mentioned that her band has always relied on "word of mouth." She also suggests that once you get referrals, be sure to get samples of the engineer's work.

When asked what is one of the biggest lessons RoGue has learned about the recording process, Melina RoChelle said that RoGue often records their music at home before they go into the studio. "We have a small studio at home, and if you can afford it, it's one of the best investments you can make," she says. "If you record your material at home first, then you get a good idea of what the finished product will sound like and you can make any tweaks and adjustments before you go into the studio. Mistakes in the studio can be really costly."

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I want to have my own album but I dont know how.. I dont have manager...