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Is The John Robert Powers School A Scam?

Posted by Jonathan Parker, 05 June 2008 · 2071 views

Recently, when a Star Search Casting member attended the John Robert Powers School, he was shocked to learn how much it would cost to attend. According to the materials he was given, training at the school can range from $2000 to $10,000. While he did meet with a talent agent through the school, the exorbitant fees led him to question it the school might be a scam.

John Robert Powers founded one of the first modeling agencies in 1923 on the principle that there is no such thing as an unattractive person, just people who don't know how to make the most of themselves. Based on this philosophy, Powers went on to mold many new faces into working models.

The John Robert Powers School is one of the oldest schools for modeling, acting and social etiquette training. When Diana Ross was signed to Motown, she was sent to the school where she took modeling classes and learned to apply makeup. Another celebrity and model that attended the John Robert Powers School whom you may be familiar with is former supermodel Janice Dickinson (America's Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency).

Modeling and acting schools can be expensive however it doesn't mean that the school is involved in any fraudulent activity. John Robert Powers offers many classes where students can learn improvisation techniques, runway modeling, how to perform a monologue and more. Individuals attend schools like John Robert Powers for a number of reasons. Some want to gain self-confidence and poise, while others hope that the lessons they learn from the school will help them break into the entertainment industry.

You might be thinking, "Well that's all fine and dandy, but is it worth the money?" Honestly, it all depends. Just like with anything in life, you'll get out of it whatever you put into it. No modeling and acting school can magically transform you into a star. But if you have a great work ethic and you're a hard worker, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

I'll give you an example. Barbizon Modeling School is often accused of being a scam. Like John Robert Powers, it can be a bit pricey in some people's opinion. However, model and actor Sean Faris credits the school for much of his success. He took classes at the school and later was signed to an agency. Since then, he has won several awards, has booked nearly 20 film and television jobs and has appeared on shows such as Even Stevens, Smallville and One Tree Hill.

Modeling and acting schools are not required for success in the entertainment industry. But as you can see, examples like Janice Dickinson and more recently Sean Farris do prove that they are not scams, and that they have helped successful people reach their goals.

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