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Acting, Dancing & Singing Classes On A Budget

Posted by Jonathan Parker, 05 July 2008 · 1842 views

While training is ideal for aspiring dancers, singers and actors, it can also be expensive. Dance classes can costs hundreds of dollars per semester while acting classes at some schools can be well over $1,000. This can be daunting to dancers, singers and actors who have their heart on mastering their chosen craft.

If you are interested in acting and dance lessons or vocal training and youíre on budget, donít become frustrated. There are lots of ways to overcome tight budgets and financial hardship. If youíre looking for ways to cut the costs of vital training, try a few of these ideas on for size.

Research classes at local community centers.

Did you know that many local community centers offer either free or deeply discounted singing, acting and dance classes? City and county tax dollars often fund many of these initiatives making it much more affordable for residents who may not be able to afford classes at privately owed studios. Youíd be surprised how many types of classes are offered for free, or half the cost of classes at other schools you may have previously researched.

Inquire about scholarships.

Many performing arts schools offer scholarships to deserving individuals who express a commitment to hard work. If you have identified a list of schools in your area and you donít see scholarship information on their website, feel free to call and inquire if there are any scholarships available.

Check out online message boards.

Use online message boards such as the community forum on the Star Search Casting website or Craigslist.org to inquire about classes within your budget. Others in your area may be able to point you in the direction of a school that has reasonable rates, or you may be able to find a professional who is willing to offer you lessons at a reduced rate.

If youíre serious about pursuing a career as a singer, dancer or actor, donít let anything get in the way of your dreams! Would you like to talk to other Star Search Casting members about how they surmounted obstacles in pursuit of their chosen careers?

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how much does it cost? Where's it located? Hopefully somewhere near Columbus, GA
Thank you for the advice. now I hope I can find a local community centers near me that is free... free is great these days. :)
thank you for everything you done these 3 day for me
thnx for all the advice, i love the fact that you are the real deal! it makes me feel a lot better;]
thnx for the advice. i am really glad that you are the real deal.;] i makes me feel a lot safer giving out my info.