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Day 7 Of Hard Work

Posted by Kirkstar, 07 February 2012 · 142 views

Day 7 Of Hard Work WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YEAH, I am working our and feeling the BURNNNNNN lol, what's happenin SSC I am loving what I see on here and many people going out there working hard to get themselves exposed out to the people. I went out to get my haircut, and at the same time I was listening to my Ipod, while I was heading there while the music pumped up my ears my eyes saw and made me feel that, I can be something more than what I am NOW into something GREAT. When I break out of my shell, stop wasting time, and get up and go work yourself push hard cause at the end of the day, YOU are the one who will make it and the ones who are making fun of ya will be sorry they didn't try what you did. YOU are great we all are and don't let no one tell you other wise ttyl SSC.