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Day One: Story So Far...

Posted by Katiekhtr, 02 March 2012 · 121 views

Day One: Story So Far... "Can we buy this TV?"
"But why not? It's soooo cute and tiny."
"Katie...thats a microwave"

Yes, Katie is my name if you have not figured that part out and also, this is Day one of my blogging on Starseachcasting. I am not very good when it comes to tecnology but If I may say so myself

The computer hasn't exploded yet

I haven't exploded yet(But why would I? :p)

I got this far into the blog

Your reading it so I must have done something right

So I think I am doing pretty good so far when it comes to tec. It never really was my best subject.
Well again, my name is Katie- and considering this is day one I should probably fill you in on a little information on me. I was born on August 3ed 1997, making me 14 at the moment. I have a rather broken up family. I have not seen my dad in about two years. At first it hurts really bad not being able to see the other half of me but I have learned to live with it. My step dad says that we never had a bond in the first place: but I know better. For anyone else who has a broken family I want you to know that no matter how many times they say they hate you, or no matter how many times they leave: in their heart, deep down, buried under all that stress they will forever love you.

Oh dear- almost went into a dramatic speech there. But luckly my cat just ambushed me getting me back on track. :)
I grew up in Wisconsin, or as I like to put it "The Cheese State" My mother said that I was born with talent. She said that when I was two I would hit notes on the piano and match my voice with that. I personally don't think that is talent but I do know for sure I was a weird child.
When I was little (2-3 years) I didn't know how to talk well. My mother hired someone to teach me hand signs so I could tell my mother when I wanted something. Soon after that I learned easily to talk. In fact- I talked too much! A few times I walked up to random people trying to start a conversation with them. And apparently one day when I was about four and we were up camping my mom was looking for me. She was going down to the beach and saw me walk up to a random couple holding out my book and ask "Will you read this to me" and flop right down next to them waiting. Man I was a gusty kid!
Nothing really happened in elementry school. I was considered the weird kid and I had a crush on a boy from 3ed grade threw 7th! But things changed and reality came. It occured to me that it wasn't looks that matter- it was personallity. Now I have a boyfriend that cares for me- or at least I think he does.
Middle school is when my real person started setting in. I wasn't a no body. But I had wished I was. I was the school bully's targets. The weakest, and the most afraid. It's not like that any more, but it was terrible in middle school. I made it threw, with a few scars (No not cutting, mental) and a few bruises from being shoved around. I think out of all the hurting things everyone did- I began not to care about myself. They insulted me- I no longer cared. But when it came to hurting my friends. wooooowwww those bullies learned to respect me.
No, I did not beat them up. I do not belive in hurting people, but in one case when my friend was about to be stabbed with pencil I turned and slapped the guy in the face which threw him off balance and I tackled him to the ground and twisted the pencil out of his hand.
Hi Yah! No it wasn't like that. It was just quick and simple. Take the unsafe item away and let him go. It happened so fast, no one really saw it.

So mostly threw middle school- I just protected my friends, and I've learned now it is probably good to protect myself too. (not gonna get into that story. :/)

I had a total of three friends graduating High school. Kylee, lynn, and Jenny. Now in high school things changed. A lot!
Beggining of the year it started out me completly a loner, unknown, unwanted. Then the moment arose. A homecoming talent show.
I practed a total of three times. The song ET by Katy Perri on my guitar and entered. That night I watched all the acts really nervous because I knew this could get me more friends for participating. That's when I found out it was a contest. And by the way I attached some pictures of me rising as a star!)

The person before me went and litterly got booed off stage. So by now I was soooo fricken nervous I thought I was gonna faint.
So when I found myself sitting on the chair with the curtain closed you can imagine I was afraid. I didn't know if my voice is what people like.
That night I played my heart out for the audience. They clapped their hands to the beat screaming my name. I had never felt better. Adreneline would be the better word. And at the moment- that was all I was feeling. Like I belonged there. Forever

I placed..... FIRST! I was very happy, and from that day on- I have been tagged in random peoples posts as the Singer, or the Model, and people walking down the hallway will look at me and say "OMG! IT"S KATIE!"

So in a small little town in Wisconsin, I am currently known. And I am currently talking to Tania Gunadi! My favorite actress. It is an amazing experence to know I am talking with her. So life is getting better and better.

Sure there is ups and downs. But i have learned to reach for the moon, because if I miss: at least I will land among the stars.