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Day Three & Four: Gq Magazine And Heartbroken

Posted by Katiekhtr, 05 March 2012 · 136 views

Day Three & Four: Gq Magazine And Heartbroken Me: Why are you never talking to me anymore. I feel like I am just there. Like I am nothing.
BF: I was never up to a realationship. I'm sorry.
Me: Oh... So I guess this is bye?
BF: Yes.

So there are a few things different about my blog today if you have not noticed. One: The fact that it is day three and four. Reason? I was at a dog show yesterday and then a movie and had no time watsoever to do anything else. Two: the blog didn't start off with something weird that happened to me. Well considering this was the last thing that happened I put this up at the beggining instead. So yes I am single now: and I think I'm gonna like it. Time to hit on all the guys and just enjoy life and not have to worry about not being me when he's around. In fact it is probably better this way with all consideration taken.

But of course I did have my weird moments this week too! Day three: Dog show and movie.
At the dog show I was positive I was gonna come in last again- but if you know me: I am someone that works so hard until she cannot possibly work anymore! I have a seven mounth old puppy and I entered the puppy class looking and ending perfect and won first. Then I went onto the second class where professinal dogs and handelers are. Every second the judge was lookinga at me in my mind I was just thinking: Ahhh screw this!

But I got winners b**ch! (And nooo not calling anyone a b**ch on here) And that is very very very rare for a judge to pick a puppy out of full grown trained adults. So I have a few large ribbions I get to now admire.:)

When I got home I was in such a rush because I thought it would be date night and I only had a half and hour and I smelled like dogs. So long story short: Loottsss of fresh scented perfume. That is when I got the message that he was yet again "Busy" and could not come.With that said- I kinda told him how I felt and he got the message and I am now single. :/ It's not like it was a huge fight but it did hurt to know that he never exactly was ready for me or cared about me.
But then again: The movie was amazing without him! Everytime I had more fun- I kept thinking that I had it coming to me all along. That this bf thing was never for me unless that bf was perfect. I guess you could say that I am just more of an everyone person. I love to hang with all my friends and just have a great time in life. FYI: Party person.
We had watched ghost rider 2 so if you are considering seeing that movie: See it!!! There is a hot 14 year old in it and I waz just like Woooaaahhhh. Ok so he's not that hot but stilll!!!!

But there is big news over all that. I am still a bronze on this website and got contacted by GQ magazine. Looked it up and saw a bunch of nudity and sexual shots. Now the man said the shots were not to be sexual so I contacted him back asking what the shots would be used for. Thinking about being in a magazine that megan fox and Shia had been in would be amazing. Free lodging and free transportation!?! HELL YAH! Buuuttt if the shots are like I see: Helllll nooo.

And I am officially finishing this blog up as my mom is finishing up in the bathroom: Meaning that It is go time: To school. And boy do I NOT want to go. Tests upon tests to do.
I uploaded a few photo's of the movie night and then the one random photo of my puppy with all her ribbions ontop of her as we ride in our Marlin Mobile home ( I will explain that later)