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Paramount Movie "one Shot" Now Casting For November

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Posted 16 October 2011 - 03:57 AM

"One Shot", a major upcoming movie from Paramount Pictures, is now casting supporting roles for production which begins in November.

From the producer of "War Of The Worlds", this movie will be about a homicide detective named Jack Reacher who investigates a seemingly-ordinary crime case involving a trained sniper who went on a shooting spree.

"One Shot" will star Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall. The movie was written by Christopher McQuarrie and Josh Olson, and it will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

The movie is being produced by Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, David Ellison, and Kevin Messick for Skydance Productions in association with Paramount Pictures.



["Jessica Farrior"], any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Jessica is a cute, intelligent, and caring college girl who works as a professional nanny for a five-year-old girl. She is a first-rate student in college and has consistently done well both academically and socially. Jessica is also an excellent babysitter, and has even postponed her planned trip to China in order to be around for the little girl's birthday. Jessica takes the little girl out for a fun day at the mall, but while the two of them are eating ice cream, they are attacked by a gunfire from a crazed sniper. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Anne Yanni"], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Anne is an extremely professional, pretty and ambitious female news co-anchor for a national cable network on the level of CNN. Anne is quick on her feet and can even improvise live on the air when the teleprompter doesn't work. She clearly has a solid future in national news. She has already made a name for herself in her short time at the network. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Rita Ferraez"], Latina or Asian, 30s - 40s. Rita is a hard-working, dedicated, and stressed-out housekeeper who has a nine-year-old son. She cleans the houses of middle-class suburban families for a living. She is very self-disciplined and competent at her job. But tragically, Rita is gunned down at a shopping mall by a former military sniper who has gone crazy. SUPPORTING ROLE

["Nancy Holt"], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Nancy is a distinguished-looking, pretty, upper-crusty, and well-mannered married woman who lives in a lavish suburban home. She is clearly a wealthy woman and an outgoing person who enjoys attending social functions. But Nancy is also having an affair with an investment broker named Darren Ayers. She suddenly finds herself in the midst of a crime scene when a random sniper at the mall opens fire at everyone. SUPPORTING ROLE

["Woman in Hotel"], any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. This middle-aged but attractive, sensual, and fun-loving woman lives in the city and is happy being single in her 50s. She has a liberated and carefree attitude. We see her having a quick fling with Jack Reacher (played by Tom Cruise) in a hotel room. But the moment that she gets out of the bathroom, she suddenly realizes that Reacher has taken off without telling her. PRINCIPLE ROLE .


["Gary"], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Gary is a stern, egotistical, and demanding manager of an auto parts store. He often yells at the customer service people who work underneath him. Gary does not enjoy his job and he is often rude to the customers. When Gary is confronted at his store by Jack Reacher (played by Tom Cruise), he is hostile as Reacher demands to see a woman named Sandy who also works at the store. But he quickly realizes that he is outmatched by Reacher, and begrudgingly allows him to see her. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["The Punk"], any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. This young street punk is a foolhardy, hot-tempered, and impulsive small-time criminal and aspiring member of Jeb Oliver's gang. He tries to threaten Jack Reacher with a gun, but he is immediately overpowered and disarmed. Jack then pumps him for information about Jeb Oliver. The punk has no choice but to reveal that Jeb has gone missing. PRINCIPLE ROLE

["Darren Ayers"], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Darren is a polished, energetic, and well-dressed investment broker at a successful firm. He graduated from Wharton Business School and has a distinguished look. Darren is charismatic and friendly with the other investors at his firm, and he has a wife and kids. But he also has a secret side to his seemingly-perfect life----Darren is having an affair that he keeps secret from his wife. Suddenly his world comes crashing down when he is attacked by a random sniper at a mall. CO-STARRING ROLE

["Mr. Holt"], any ethnicity, 50s. Mr. Holt is a clean-cut and financially well-off family man who lives in a wealthy suburb. He is likeable and has a keen sense of humor, but is not overly extroverted. He seems reserved at first but is actually a warm and caring husband. Mr. Holt is traumatized when his wife Nancy is gunned down in a mall by a random sniper. PRINCIPLE ROLE

For casting details, send your photos and resumes to CruiseMovie@gmail.com by October 25th.

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