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Posted 15 October 2012 - 05:05 AM

1. Male / 41-50 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. [Others like this]MARLOW - Mid 40s Dark hair, beard/stubble, dark eyes that see everything. He's a watcher more than he's a fighter. His mind is more toned than his body. In his life before this he never envisioned he could be any kind of a 'Warrior'; a mechanic maybe, or a carpenter. Something practical and no-nonsense. He is, despite himself, a natural leader. Fair and considered. He does not leap to conclusions but considers what to do efficiently and, more often than not, accurately. He has suffered a significant loss at the hands of the creatures in the past. His wife and his daughter were both killed by them. He feels each loss it witnesses as something personal.2. Female / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. [Others like this]SARAH - Early 20s Luminous in this world of darkness and death. There's fire in her eyes which dart around taking in everything objectively, unemotionally. To call her beautiful is misleading; she's got a hard quality to her, a core of steel. She's seen more than she should at her age and, in the riots surrounding the primary outbreak, probably experienced abuse (sexual/physical) more than anyone should. Yet she's survived. There is a strange 'hard-to-pin-down' relationship between her and MARLOW (half father/daughter, half lover) and she keeps MILTON at a distance. There's a definite hunger in his eyes when he looks at her.3. Male / Any age / Any Ethnicity. [Others like this]THE STRANGER He displays all the qualities of the illness which has ravaged the society. He's thin, anaemic, pale. There's not enough blood in his body so his eyes stand out in hollow sockets. His movements make the most of his limited energy. He moves slowly, keeping as much blood as possible available to power his brain, which is profound. He is a hunter, but not a fighter. He is calm, polite, practical. He is also capable of phenomenal savagery. Think of the moment when Bilbo Baggins suddenly become venomous in LORD OF THE RINGS...It'll attack quickly, before you even know he's coming. For reference actor wise, on the lines of Doug Jones from hellboy fame.

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