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Click to view Don's profile on Listen, I've been holding back but here's the truth. I've been a Gold member since around March. Ive done two short films, and one commercial. I've been accepted for several auditions but was unable to attend for location reasons. Because of SSC I hav...
houston, Texas
Click to view Kaylin's profile on "In just 4 or 5 weeks I gotten an casting call from gifted2talented...I love starsearchcasting...All of those other sites do not compare to ssc. SSC RULES AND ALWAYS WILL. Rock & Roll...SSC!!"
City available upon request, New Jersey
Click to view Natalie's profile on "Hi My Name's Natalie And I Am 17. I Have Been Asked To Do An Audition For A Film and All I Need Now Is An Agent!"
Click to view Vinny 's profile on Ive only been signed up for 2 days and I already have an agent with several auditions in mind for me. With Star Search Casting , my dreams are coming true. Thank You So Much SSC!
Union Beach, New Jersey
Click to view Jessica's profile on "This site is AWESOME! I signed up about 3 months ago...and I knew it would be worth it. After I upgraded to a gold, my page views went way up! not only that, but a model management company is thinking of representing me...thanx soooo much SSC!"
Las Vegas, Nevada
Click to view Alesha's profile on "Alesha, my 10yr. old daughter just landed a National Campaign Photo Shoot for Internet and brochure advertising, and also has been chosen for two fashion shows (WOW). She has only been on the site for a week now. How many other companies can say that a...
Manassas, Virginia
Click to view Isabel's profile on Hey, my name is Isabel and I LOVE SSC!! I'm looking for auditions for movies and I want to be a singer and I've always wanted to try out modeling. I haven't had an account long but I've already gotten an e-mail from a modeling agency and someone wanting ...
Tallahassee, Florida
Click to view Alesha's profile on "Thanks Again for your wonderful site, Alesha has been very busy doing filming and modeling this summer. We have been using this site for 2 months and have had a wonderful experience. Alesha has gotten tons of jobs from this site and now has been chosen f...
Manassas, Virginia
Click to view Crystal's profile on "I just recently upgraded my profile to a silver level, and already I've received auditions. I love this site!!! Thanks SSC!!"
jackson, Tennessee
"Omg!This is my FIRST week on SSC and, BAM! One of my biggest dreams came true! Apparently there was some sort of acting/singing contest and I won! The prize was to meet the Jonas Brothers! And let me tell you, it was an AMAZING experience! Thank you, Sta...
Pensacola, Florida
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    Why Choose Star Search Casting?

    The #1 Reason is that You have the Absolute Best Chance of being Discovered on Star Search!

    (And isnt this why you join a casting site in the first place?)

    Here are 7 Undisputable Reasons why joining SSC is your best choice of all casting sites:

    1. Industry Professionals come to Star Search first to find Talent

    As one of the very the first and best-known online casting services, Star Search Casting is recognized as the leader in the industry by Casting Directors, Agents and Entertainment Industry Professionals and as the #1 place to search for the talent theyre looking for.

    Industry professionals only want to use a casting site they know they can depend upon to provide a large pool of talent, and the advanced technology needed to find exactly who theyre looking for easily and quickly. SSCs sophisticated state-of-the-art search engine makes it the most reliable and easy to use site on the web. This is why over 58,000 contacts for work by entertainment industry professionals have been made to Star Search Casting members in the past six months alone!

    If youre serious about working in the entertainment industry, it only makes sense to align yourself with an experienced industry leader and the name the professionals have come to know and trust.

    2. You Have a Greater Chance of Being Noticed on Star Search!

    You have more opportunities for exposure on SSC than any other site. A few examples:

    • Three chances for exposure right on the Homepage where a quarter of a million people will see you every month! You can be included in one or all of the following:
      1. Featured Talent (available to every Gold member & above)
      2. Stars on Star Search (available to all members after youve had some experience & completed an entertainment resume)
      3. Member Success Stories (available to all members who send us a testimonial about their SSC successes)
    • You can be featured in the Sample profiles which are viewed by thousands of visitors each day (available to all Gold & aboce members)
    • You can assure that your photo comes up near the beginning of all talent searches done by casting directors simply by joining at the Gold level or above!
    • You get Your own Profile Page with up to 100 photos, your resume, audio, video clips, etc. that will display YOU & your talents to the world!

    3. Star Search Casting Has Passed Rigorous Scrutiny to Become Approved by the Better Business Bureau!

    As one of the first and oldest online casting sites of its kind, SSCs policies, procedures, customer service and ethics have been reviewed thoroughly by the Better Business Bureau and we have passed their rigorous examination to become a BBB Member in good standing.

    Why is this important? This means Star Search Casting is a company you can trust! In a time where more and more me-too, wannabe sites are cropping up who have little or no traffic and cant begin to provide you with the exposure you need to be discovered -- not to mention scam sites that just take your money and provide you with no real benefits or services -- these is especially significant!

    Star Search Casting has the best track record for integrity and reliability of any company in the online casting business! With close to a decade of providing our members with unparalleled service, Star Search has never had any complaint filed with the BBB! How many other casting sites can honestly claim this?

    We recommend that you always look for the BBB Online Reliability Seal to be assured youre dealing with a reputable and reliable company and always check the complaint record with the BBB before you join any casting company!

    4. Star Searchs Advanced Technology Makes Sure You Never Miss an Opportunity!

    No more waiting for the phone to ring -- or in todays world to get an email from a casting director! SSC provides the largest database of hot-off-the press casting calls and auditions updated daily so you can be proactive in finding work.

    Short on time? Star Searchs technology makes it incredibly quick and easy for you to respond to auditions youre interested in! With the click of a button you can instantly send your Profile to casting directors, agents and producers who are looking for talent! An already prepared email has been written for you so it takes just a couple of seconds to put yourself in front of industry professionals who are hiring for their productions.

    Here are a few of SSCs State-of-the-Art Technologies that make it easy for you to stay in touch and find work:

    • Casting calls & auditions sent automatically to your cell phone
    • Two-way email notificationinstantly send your personal Profile with photos & resume directly to our listings of current auditions
    • Audio & video clip capability to show off your talents online
    • Interactive video chat rooms
    • A personal Profile with up to 300 photos including your biography & resume
    • Your own Personal Webpage
    • Interactive business card availability
    • The most sophisticated talent database in the industry with the most specific parameters making it easier for entertainment professionals to find who theyre looking for

    5. Star Search Provides Access to a Professional Talent Manager to Give You Personal Help and Guidance!

    Wouldnt it be wonderful to have a personal mentor/advisor to answer questions about your personal situation and help you avoid costly pitfalls? Well, now as a Star Search Casting Member, you can get the personal help and guidance you really need to navigate your way successfully through a career in modeling and/or entertainment!

    Whether youre experienced or just starting out, mistakes can be very costly both to your pocketbook and your career, and this special service can be worth its weight in gold! Now, when you dont know where to turn, theres someone here for you at Star Search Casting to answer your questions and help you make good choices.

    For more information, click here.

    6. Star Search Casting Protects Your Privacy & Is 100% Safe for Your Children!

    When you become a member of Star Search, be assured that your privacy is 100% protected. No one can get your phone number, last name, email, home address or any kind of personal information about you, other than what you post on your Profile page. There is one and only one way anybody can contact you, and that is through our secure Star Search private messaging system.

    Star Search Casting also protects you by constantly monitoring and looking for suspicious messages. If you ever get a message that you are concerned about or is offensive in any way, you can immediately hit block and it will bounce back to Star Searchs Security department for review, and the sender of that email will never be able to contact you again. Further, SSC has created a special surveillance technology that will usually catch any suspicious email sent to you or your child and bounces it back to our Security department for immediate review.

    Parents: You can rest assured that as a Star Search member, your child will be protected from outside contacts and unwarranted emails!

    7. Star Search is the Absolute Best Value in the Industry!

    At SSC we realize that many people are going through very difficult financial times right now. With this in mind we have developed a system to allow all members from every country in the world to upgrade to any membership level without paying any money at all! We do this by giving members the choice of thousands of FREE offers and surveys to complete. When you complete an offer or survey you earn credits (SSC Credits are the virtual currency we use on Star Search Casting) which can used to purchase an upgraded membership or any other service or product we sell. With SSC you can have maximum exposure to launch your career in show business and never spend any money at all!! Click here for more details on upgrading your membership for free.

    Click here to see the different levels at which you can join Star Search and dozens of different benefits available to you (far too many to list here) at each membership level.

    Then compare what we offer to any other major online casting company, and youll see that you get far, far more at Star Search Casting and you can get it all FREE!

    Disney auditions, Disney casting calls, child acting, child modeling, baby modeling, Hannah Montana auditions, teen auditions, teen casting calls, acting auditions, modeling auditions, tv auditions, acting casting calls, modeling casting, calls, tv casting calls, commercial auditions, commercial casting calls, baby modeling auditions, baby casting calls, child auditions, child casting calls, movie casting calls, movie auditions, modeling jobs, acting jobs Click for Additional Options