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Click to view Sydney's profile on Hi, my name is Sydney and I am 9 yrs old. My brother, Jacob, and I have been on the web site for a few weeks and already been booked to do a book and a feature film, "Afflicted Hearts". This has been a dream come through for us! Thank you so much for y...
Callahan, Florida
Click to view stephanie's profile on Hi my name is Stephanie and I have only been on this site for about no more than two weeks and today I just got a call from a Hollywood all I recommend you to join this site it's G..R..E..A..T!!!
elpaso, Texas
I just started Star Search Casting and got a Diamond membership. And overnight I got a bunch of new emails from people who wanted me! Some you turn down, but think of who could contact me in the future. I'm sure I'll be getting that break anytime at th...
canton, Michigan
Click to view Maria's profile on I have tried many talent web sites for my little girl, but they were scams and they no value for the money you pay. So I gave up until I came across this web site. Which has many great features, it helps me to create a prefect profile for her. I join in...
Saint Ignatius, Montana
Thank you so much SSC! Other websites used to promise so much, but none of them actually worked. This is the best site ever! I have only been on this site for 2 days, and already got an audition. I am looking forward to many more!
Des Plaines, Illinois
Click to view Jordan's profile on "I would like to thank SSC for this great website! I have been on here for about 3 months now and have gotten tons of emails and calls! This site is the best. I searched for something like this and none of them were as good as this! Thank you s...
bradenton, Florida
Click to view Loren's profile on "Hi Star Search Casting. I have been a member ever since 2001, I enjoy the site. It is a great way to get yourself seen by many talented directors and agencies. Since joining, I have been in one independent film, which has not been released, but may be so...
Slinger, Wisconsin
Click to view Ty's profile on "Being a bronze member isn't that bad. I've been contacted by 3 modeling agencies in the last two weeks and am finding a lot of auditions near me! This site really works!"
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Click to view Alicia's profile on SSC, you are the greatest! I just wanted to say that you are helping me a lot and being here is the best experience I have yet. I'm looking forward to get millions of calls from casting directors, agents and such! Thanks!
Bronx, New York
Click to view Alisha's profile on I love SSC! This helps my career sooo much!! I cannot wait to attend the many auditions I have been offered! I get such great coverage. Everyday there is something new and I can't wait till my career takes off!! THANKS SSC!!
New Salem, Pennsylvania
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  • Matt Damon Springs Into Action To Take The E!q In 42 And We Think He Could Take Jason Bourne In A Pancake Cook-Off Any Day... read more

  • Wags' Autumn Ajirotutu Finds Out Sasha Gates Is Officially Going To Barbie Blank's Wedding Without Her: ''ok, That's Cute'... read more

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    Age range: 55 - 75
    Height: 6' 3" / 190 cm
    Weight: 195 lbs / 88 kg
    Hair color: Gray
    Eye color: Blue
    Chest/Bust: 40
    Waist: 37
    Feature Films
    Year Title Role Director
    2016 A Futile and Stupid Gesture Extra - Funeral Goer David Wain
    2016 Billionaire Boys Club Extra - Rodeo Dr. Pedestrian James Cox
    2016 Desperate Waters Yacht Club Member ?
    2016 Girlfriend's Day Featured - Older Couple Michael Stephenson
    2015 20th Century Women Extra - Shopper Mike Mills
    2015 Soy Negro Extra - Driver 1997 Mercury Rafi Pitts
    2015 The Keeping Hours (The Sentence) Extra - Wealthy Client Karen Moncrieff
    2014 6 Miranda Drive Extra - Upscale Diner Greg Mclean
    2014 Hail, Caesar! Extra - Theatre Audience Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
    2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Extra - Channel 6 Office Empl. Jonathan Liebesman
    2014 Untitled Warren Beatty Project Extra - Onlooker Warren Beatty
    2014 Woman In Gold Extra - Pedestrian/Diner Simon Curtis
    2013 Gone Girl Extra - Mourner David Fincher
    2013 Inherent Vice Extra - Country Club Patron Paul Thomas Anderson
    2013 Love & Mercy Extra - 1984 Cadillac Bill Pohlad
    2013 Muppets Most Wanted Extra - Passenger James Bobin
    2013 The Purge 2 Principal - Posh Grandpa James Demonaco
    2013 Veronica Mars Extra - Passenger Rob Thomas
    2013 Wish I Was Here Extra - 1984 Cadillac Zack Braff
    2012 Baggage Claim Extra - Restaurant Patron David E. Talbert
    2012 Coffee Town Featured - Morris Brown Brad Copeland
    2012 JOBS Extra - 1984 Cadillac Joshua Michael Stern
    2012 Nina Extra - Doctor Cynthia Mort
    2012 Rock of Ages Extra - Driver Adam Shankman
    2012 Stand Up Guys Extra - Pedestrian Fisher Stevens
    2012 Taken 2 Extra - Neighbor Olivier Megaton
    2012 The Campaign Featured - Congressman Jay Roach
    2012 The Hangover Part III Principal - Priest at Funeral Todd Phillips
    2012 The Iceman Extra - Diner Patron Ariel Vromen
    2012 The Incredible Burt Wonderstome Featured - Resident Don Scardino
    2012 The Trials of Cate McCall Featured - Country Club Patron Karen Moncrieff
    2012 Untitled Nicole Holofcener Project Extra - Upscale Party Guest Nicole Holofccener
    2011 Bad Ass Extra - Senior Citizen Craig Moss
    2011 Jack and Jill Extra - Tourist Dennis Dugan
    2011 Seven Psychopaths Extra - Pedestrian/Tourist Martin McDonagh
    2011 The Amazing Spiderman (Fiona's Tale) Extra - New York Pedestrian Marc Webb
    2011 The Dark Knight Rises (Magnus Rex) Extra - Party Goer Christopher Nolan
    2011 The Guilt Trip (My Mother's Curse) Extra - Executive Anne Fletcher
    2011 The Master (Untitled Western) Extra - Follower Paul Thomas Anderson
    2011 This Is Forty Extra - Pedestrian Judd Apatow
    2010 Beastly Extra - Pedestrian/Teacher Daniel Barnz
    2010 Friends with Benefits Extra - Rstrnt Patron/Tourist Will Gluck
    2010 Gulliver's Travels Extra - Royal Staff (Butler) Rob Letterman
    2010 Haywire Extra - 2006 Cadillac Only Steven Soderbergh
    2010 Hollywoo Extra - Red Carpet Actor Frederic Berthe,Pscal Serieis
    2010 Knight And Day Extra - Wedding Guest James Mangold
    2010 Last Vegas (Untitled Dan Fogelman Project) Extra - Restaurant Patron Glenn Ficarra & John Requa
    2010 Lincoln Lawyer Extra - Upscale Golfer Brad Furman
    2010 Super Eight (Acadia) Extra - Detective, Citizen, Dr J.J. Abrams
    2009 Born To Be A Star Extra - Tourist Tom Brady
    2009 Cyrus (Untitled Duplass Brothers Project) Extra - Wedding Guest Jay & Mark Duplass
    2009 Dinner for Schmucks Extra - Upscale Pedestrian Jay Roach
    2009 Family Wedding Extra - Train Passenger Rick Famuyiwa
    2009 Meet The Fockers Sequel Extra - TV Audience Paul Weitz
    2009 Slightly Single In LA Featured - Priest Christie Will
    2009 The Green Hornet Extra - Senator Michel Gondry
    2009 The Social Network Extra - Ward Ceremony Guest David Fincher
    2009 Valentine's Day Extra - Restaurant Patron Garry Marshall
    2008 17 Again Extra - Upscale Neighbor Burr Steers
    2008 A Thousand Words Extra - Neighbor Brian Robbins
    2008 An American Carol Extra - Subway Crowd David Zucker
    2008 Bruno (Cold Stream) Extra - Politician Larry Charles
    2008 Eagle Eye Extra - Congressman D. J. Caruso
    2008 Fast and Furious 4 Extra - Driver Justin Lin
    2008 Funny People Extra - 1st Class Passanger Judd Apatow
    2008 Hotel for Dogs Extra - Pedestrian Thor Freudenthal
    2008 I Love You, Man Extra - Golfer John Hamburg
    2008 Obsessed Extra - Businessman Steve Shill
    2008 Old Dogs Extra - Grandparent Walt Becker
    2008 Seven Pounds Extra - Neighbor Gabriele Muccino
    2008 Star Trek Extra - Engineering Officer J. J. Abrams
    2008 The Soloist Extra - Julliard Staff Joe Wright
    2008 The Ugly Truth Extra - Upscale Hotel Guest Robert Laketic
    2008 Twilight Extra - Upscale Hotel Guest Catherine Hardwicke
    2007 All About Steve Extra - Producer Phil Traill
    2007 Beverly Hills Chihuahua (South Of The Border) Extra - Upscale Shopper Raja Gosnell
    2007 Charlie Wilson's War Extra - Congressman Mike Nichols/Good Times Charlie Prod
    2007 Expecting Love Extra - 1984 Cadillac Driver Lukasz Karwowski
    2007 G-Force Extra - Neighbor Hoyt Yeatman
    2007 Get Smart Extra - Upscale Golfer Peter Segal/KAOS Pic Inc
    2007 Get Smart Extra - Passenger Peter Segal/KAOS Pic Inc
    2007 Lakeview Terrace Extra - 2006 Cadillac Car Call Neil LaBute
    2007 Made Of Honor Extra - Wedding Guest Paul Weiland/Columbia Pictures
    2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets Stand-In - Oliver Muirhead Jon Turtletaub/NT2 Productions,Inc.
    2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets Extra - Upscale Lounge Jon Turtetaub/NT2 Productions,Inc.
    2007 Playboys Extra - Diner Z. Cregger/T. Moore
    2007 Rush Hour 3 Photo Double - Max Von Sydow Brett Ratner/Avery Pix
    2007 Rush Hour 3 Extra - Protester Brett Ratner/Avery Pix
    2007 Say Hello To Stan Talamadge Extra - Pedestrian David Moreton/Blue Streak Films
    2007 Say Hello To Stan Talamadge Extra - Graduation Goer David Moreton/Blue Streak Films
    2007 Step Brothers Extra - Golfer Adam McKay
    2007 Step Brothers Extra - Pedestrian Adam McKay
    2007 The House Bunny (I Know What Boys Like) Extra - Rodeo Dr. Shopper Fred Wolf
    2007 The Human Contract Extra - City Hall Folk Jada Pinket Smith
    2007 The Informers Extra - 1984 Cadillac Gregor Jordan
    2007 The Invasion Extra - Embassy Guest Oliver Hirschbiegel/Oliver Pictures
    2007 Winged Creatures Extra - Church Goer/Minister Rowan Woods/Artina Films
    2007 Yes Man Extra - Seminar Attendee Peyton Reed
    2006 Big Stan Extra - Pedestrian,Gas Sta Mgr Rob Schnieder/Prison Movies LLC
    2006 Charlie Wilson's War Extra - Congressman Mike Nichols/Good Time Charlie Prod
    2006 Delta Farce Featured - Resturant Patron C.B.Harding/Sleeping Marmats Prods.
    2006 Evan Almighty Extra - Congressman Don Shadyac/Universal
    2006 Freedom Writers Extra - Hotel Guest Richard LaGravenese/Paramount
    2006 Georgia Rule Extra - Neighbor Garry Marshall/Trust Me Inc.
    2006 Knocked Up Extra - Upscale Diner Judd Apatow/Universal
    2006 License To Wed Extra - Pedestrian Ken Kwapis/Proposal Productions
    2006 Spring Breakdown Extra - Traveler Ryan Shiraki/Warner Brothers
    2006 Super Bad Extra - Audience Member Greg Mottola/Columbia Pictures
    2006 The Brothers Solomon Extra - Business Shopper Bob Odenkirk/Brothers Solomon Prod
    2006 The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning Extra - Shinner R.Berlinger/Rustic Productions
    2006 The Great Buck Howard Extra - Theater Goer Sean McGinly/Buck Howard Prod.
    2006 The Nines Extra - Sheriff John August/
    2006 The Number 23 Extra - Driver Joel Schumacker/Avery Pictures, LLC
    2006 World Trade Center (September) Extra - Priest Oliver Stone/Paramount
    2006 Zodiac (Chronicles) Extra - Senior Staff Detective David Fincher/Warner Brothers
    2005 Flicka Extra - Rodeo Patron Michael Mayer/Fox Pictures 2000
    2005 Fun With Dick And Jane Extra - Former Employee Dean Parisot/Columbia Pictures
    2005 Material Girls Extra - Boardmember\'s Spouse Martha Coolidge/Maverick Films
    2005 Mission: Impossible III Featured - IMF Council Member J.J. Abrams/Paramount
    2005 Mr Woodcock Extra - Townsperson Craig Gillespie/Avery Pictures, Inc.
    2005 Out At The Wedding Photo Double - Mike Farrell Lee Friedlander/Goff-Kellam Prod.
    2005 Rent Extra - Taxi Driver Chris Columbus/Rent Productions,LLC
    2005 Single White Female 2: The Psycho Extra - Patient, Doctor Third Street Pictures
    2005 Thank You For Smoking Extra - Audience Member Jason Reitman/TYFS Productions
    2005 Tripping Forward (Actor) Extra - Acting Student Mania Films
    2005 Waist Deep Extra - Driver Vondie Curtis-Hall/Bromley Prod.
    2004 American Pie: Band Camp Extra - Parent Steve Rash/MFV Productions
    2004 Beautiful Dreamer Extra - Restaurant Patron Terri Farley/Beautiful Dreamer, LLC.
    2004 Confession (Deadly Secrets) Principal - Fr. Jerome Jonathan Meyers/Abbey Productions
    2004 Elizabethtown Extra - Family & Friends Cameron Crow/Paramount
    2004 Flight Plan Extra - Passenger Robert Schwentke/First Class Productions, Inc.
    2004 Good Night, and Good Luck Extra - Journalist George Clooney/GNGL Productions
    2004 Guess Who Extra - Upscale Executive Kevin Rodney Sullivan/
    2004 Herbie: Fully Loaded Extra - Pedestrian Angela Robinson/Team Douglas Productions
    2004 Keeping Up With The Steins (Lucky 13) Extra - Congregation Member Scott Marshall/
    2004 PHAT Girlz Featured - Very Upscale Diner Negest Likke/Outlaw Productions
    2004 Red Eye Extra - Airline Passenger Wes Craven/Dreamworks Prod., LLC.
    2004 VIVA Principal - Street Ogler Anna Biller/Anna Biller Productions

    Year Title Role Network
    2016 Betrayed Extra - 2006 Cad & 1995 Merc ?
    2016 Betrayed Extra - 2006 Buick ?
    2016 Con-Man Featured - Old Man Farmer Amazon Prime
    2016 Goliath (a.k.a. Trial) Extra - Lawyer Amazon Prime
    2016 Life in Pieces Stand-in James Brolin CBS
    2016 Married With Secrets Extra - 1984 Cadillac ?
    2016 Mary + Jane Extra - 1995 Mercury MTV
    2016 Mistresses Extra - Upscale Formal ABC
    2016 Modern Family Extra - 1st Class Cabin Pssngr ABC
    2016 Murder In The First Extra - Counselor TNT
    2016 Not Again Extra - Diner Patron Disney XD
    2016 Ragtag - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Extra - Man at Funeral ABC
    2016 Snowfall Extra - Driver, 1982 Cadillac FX
    2016 The Last Tycoon Stand-in - Michael Siberry Amazon Prime
    2016 What Goes Around Comes Around Extra - Pedestrian CBS
    2015 All The Way Extra - Politician HBO
    2015 American Crime Story Extra - Civilian FX
    2015 American Crime Story Extra - Journalist FX
    2015 American Crime Story Extra - Lawyer FX
    2015 American Crime Story Extra - Fast Food Customer FX
    2015 Black*ish Extra - 1984 Cadillac ABC
    2015 Casual Extra - Older Half Couple HULU
    2015 Documentary Now Extra - Earl Yoder SketchPhoto IFC
    2015 Fresh Off The Boat Extra - 1995 Mercury ABC
    2015 Fresh Off The Boat Extra - Priest ABC
    2015 Gigi's Bucket List Extra - Restaurant Patron IFC
    2015 How To Get Away With Murder Extra - Pedestrian/Bar Patron ABC
    2015 L A Crime Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2015 L A Crime Extra - Driver 1979 Cadillac ABC
    2015 Life in Pieces Extra - Resident CBS
    2015 MOM Extra - Bistro Patron CBS
    2015 MOM Extra - Maitre'D CBS
    2015 NCIS: Los Angeles Extra - SPA Client CBS
    2015 New Girl Extra - Juror FOX
    2015 Recovery Road Extra - 2006 Cadillac CW
    2015 Supergirl Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2015 Take It From Us Extra - NY Driver - 1984 Cad ?
    2015 The Goldbergs Extra - Baseball Fan ABC
    2015 The Goldbergs Extra - Driver ABC
    2015 The Goldbergs Extra - Participant CBS
    2015 The Middle Extras - Shopper/Neighbor ABC
    2015 The Odd Couple Extra - Resident CBS
    2015 Videosyncrazy Extra - 1984 Cadillac HBO
    2015 Wicked City Extra - Driver 1982 Cadillac ABC
    2015 Wicked City Extra- Patient ABC
    2015 Wicked City Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2014 Battle Creek Extra - Pedestrian CBS
    2014 Benched Featured - College Law Prof. USA
    2014 Bones Extra - Restaurant Patron FOX
    2014 BOSCH Extra - Golfer Amazon Prime
    2014 BOSCH Extra - Councilman Amazon Prime
    2014 Far East Orlando Extra - Older Man ABC
    2014 Franklin & Bash Stand-in - Barry Bostwick TNT
    2014 Franklin & Bash Extra - Attorney TNT
    2014 Fresh Off The Boat Extre - Neighbor ABC
    2014 Fresh Off the Boat Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2014 Fresh Off The Boat Extra - Country Club Member ABC
    2014 Fresh Off the Boat Extra - Steakhouse Patron ABC
    2014 Glee Extra - Teacher FOX
    2014 Gray's Anatomy Extra - Distinguished Guest ABC
    2014 Growing Up Fisher Extra - Pedestrian NBC
    2014 Jane The Virgin Extra - Parent CW
    2014 Mad Men Extra - PJ's Businessman AMC
    2014 Mistresses Extra - Law Firm Partner ABC
    2014 Modern Family Extra - Lucus Family - Grandpa ABC
    2014 Modern Family Extra - Charity Event Guest ABC
    2014 Modern Family Extra - Senior RV Guy ABC
    2014 Murder Book Extra - 1995 Mercury Investigation Discovery
    2014 Murder Book Extra - 1984 Cadillac Investigation Discovery
    2014 NCIS Extra - Mourner CBS
    2014 Parenthood Extra - Provost NBC
    2014 Parks & Recreation Extra - Elderly Pawnee NBC
    2014 Parks & Recreation Extra - Billionaire LandBidder NBC
    2014 Perception Extra - Upscale Bystander TNT
    2014 Ray Donovan Extra - Boston Southie BarPtrn Showtime
    2014 Revenge Extra - Rich Race Track Goer ABC
    2014 Stalker Extra - Neighbor CBS
    2014 The Goldbergs Extra - 1984 Cadillac 13/14 ABC
    2014 The Goldbergs Extra - Teacher ABC
    2014 The Goldbergs Extra - 1984 Cadillac 14/15 ABC
    2014 The Goldbergs Exttra - Passanger ABC
    2014 The Goldbergs Extra - Rstrnt Patron/Driver ABC
    2014 The Goldbergs Extra - WaWa Pedestrian ABC
    2014 The Mentalist Featured - Passanger CBS
    2014 The Mindy Project Extra - Staten Island Driver FOX
    2014 The Soul Man Extra - Church Elder TV Land
    2014 Unusual Suspects Extra - 1995 Mercury Investigation Discovery
    2014 Vox in Flux Extra - 1995 Mercury Internet
    2013 Baby Daddy Extra - Funeral Mourner ABC Family
    2013 Bad Management Extra - NYC Pedestrian ABC
    2013 Bloodline Extra - Motel Guest NBC
    2013 Bones Extra - Driver FOX
    2013 Bones Extra - Driver FOX
    2013 Castle Extra - Older Folk ABC
    2013 Childrens Hospital Extra - Husband Cartoon Network-Adult Swim
    2013 Franklin & Bash Extra - Juror TNT
    2013 Grey's Anatomy Extra - Donor Guest ABC
    2013 Hot In Cleveland Extra-Older GentlemanBarPatron TV Land
    2013 Miracle at Gate 213 Extra - Passenger NBC
    2013 Modern Family Extra - Mall Patron ABC
    2013 Modern Family Extra - Retired Folk ABC
    2013 Parks and Recreation Extra - Visitor/Patient NBC
    2013 Ray Donavan Photo Double - Jon Voight Showtime
    2013 Scandal Stand-in - Barry Bostwick ABC
    2013 Scandal Extra - Visitor ABC
    2013 The Fosters Extra - Upscale Diner/Driver ABC Family
    2013 The Goldbergs Extra - Faculty ABC
    2013 The Goldbergs Extra - Driver ABC
    2013 The Goldbergs Extra - Horse Track Goer ABC
    2013 The Goldbergs Extra - 1984 Cadillac (4) ABC
    2013 The Mindy Project Extra - Parent FOX
    2013 The Spoils of Babylon Extra - 4 Star Army General IFC
    2013 Two And A Half Men Extra - Coffee Shop Patron CBS
    2013 Untitled Lawrence Project Extra - Neighbor ? - Pilot
    2013 Wilfred Extra - Funeral Goer FX
    2012 Apartment 23 Extra - Neighbor Husband ABC
    2012 Big Time Rush Extra - Neighbor Nickelodeon
    2012 Body of Proof Extra - Upscale Neighbor ABC
    2012 Criminal Minds Extra - Civilian CBS
    2012 Desperate Housewives Extra - Doctor ABC
    2012 Ghost Ghirls(Webisode) Extra - Retiree SyFy/
    2012 Go On Extra - Grocery Store Patron NBC
    2012 Hart of Dixie Extra - Townsperson CW
    2012 Hart of Dixie Extra - Rammer Jammer Patron CW
    2012 Hart of Dixie Extra - Colonial Navy Admiral CW
    2012 House of Lies Extra - Coach Passanger Showtime
    2012 Make It Or Break It Extra - Patron CW
    2012 Men At Work Extra - Subway Atmosphere TBS
    2012 Mistresses Extra - Upscale Shopper ABC
    2012 NCIS Extra - Pedestrian CBS
    2012 NCIS Extra - Upscale Pedestrian CBS
    2012 New Girl Extra - Pedestrian FOX
    2012 Raising Hope Extra - Mourner FOX
    2012 Sam And Cat Extra - Elderly Nickelodeon
    2012 See Dad Run Extra - Grandparent Nickelodeon
    2012 The Client List Extra - Gala Guest Lifetime
    2012 The Goodwin Games Extra - Campaign Goer FOX
    2012 The Goodwin Games Extra - Pharmacist FOX
    2012 The Office Extra - Board Room Member NBC
    2012 Tosh O. Principal - 70-75 Year Old Man Comedy Central
    2012 Touch Extra - "Real" Older Couple FOX
    2012 Touch Extra - Santa MonicaPedestrian FOV
    2011 Apartment 23 Extra - Executive ABC
    2011 Blackout Photo Double-James Brolin NBC?
    2011 Bones Extra - Upscale Hotel Guest FOX
    2011 Bones Extra - Upscale Hotel Patron FOX
    2011 Cougar Town Extra - Golfer/Pedestrian ABC
    2011 Criminal Minds Extra - Old Couple Walking CBS
    2011 Danni Lowinski Extra - Lawyer CW
    2011 Desperate Housewives Extra - Rtmnt Cmmnty Resident ABC
    2011 Dexter Extra - Retired Golfer Showtime
    2011 Good Christian Belles Extra - Church Goer ABC
    2011 Great State of Georgia Extra - Gala Guest ABC Family
    2011 Hart of Dixie Extra - Bar Patron CW
    2011 Hart of Dixie Featured - Town Dignitary The CW
    2011 Hart of Dixie (2) Extra - Towns Person CW
    2011 Hot in Cleveland Extra - Silver Haired Mourner TV Land
    2011 How I Met Your Mother Extra - Gala Guest CBS
    2011 How To Be A Gentleman Extra - Museum Visitor CBS
    2011 Jessie Extra - Chess Player Disney Channel
    2011 Luck Extra - Upscale Patron HBO
    2011 Mad Men Extra - Restaurant Patron AMC
    2011 Parenthood Extra - Restaurant Guest NBC
    2011 Parenthood Extra - High End Lawyer NBC
    2011 Perception Featured - Gala Guest TNT
    2011 Private Practice Featured - Minister ABC
    2011 Project 5 Extra - Patient Lifetime
    2011 Raising Hope Extra - Mourner FOX
    2011 Shake It Up Extra - Air Show Patron Disney Channel
    2011 So Random! (Sonny With A Chance) Featured - George Washington Disney
    2011 Switched At Birth Extra - Elderly Guest ABC Family
    2011 The Mentalist Extra - Hotel Guest CBS
    2011 The Protector (Exit 19) Extra - Upscale Driver Lifetime
    2011 The Wedding Band Extra - Wedding Guest TBS
    2011 Torchwood Extra - Doctor Starz/BBC America
    2011 Weeds Extra - Upscale Country Club Showtime
    2011 Weeds Extra - Tourist Showtime
    2010 24 Extra - New York Businessman FOX
    2010 Big Love Extra - Campaign Worker HBO
    2010 Big Love (5) Extra - Office Worker ABC
    2010 Castle Extra - Auction Patron ABC
    2010 Chuck Extra - Shopper NBC
    2010 Community Extra - Family Member NBC
    2010 Community Stand-in-Chevy Chase NBC
    2010 Cougar Town Extra - Country Club Golfer ABC
    2010 Dark Blue Extra - Crowd TNT
    2010 Dark Blue Extra - Upscale Car Salesman TNT
    2010 Desperate Housewives Extra - Rtrmnt Cmmnty Resident ABC
    2010 Farewell Mr Kringle Extra - Townsperson Hallmark Channel
    2010 FlashForward Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2010 Glee Stand-in - Barry Bostwick FOX
    2010 Glory Daze Extra - 1984 Cadillac Car Call TBS
    2010 Glory Daze Extra - Omega Sig Parent TBS
    2010 Happy Endings Extra - Minister ABC
    2010 Harry's Law Featured - Flasher/Pedestrian NBC
    2010 House Extra - Hospital Visitor Fox
    2010 Important Things with Demetri Martin Extra - Pizza Parlor Patron Comedy Channel
    2010 Important Things with Demetri Martin Extra - Formal Man Comedy Channel
    2010 Justified Stand-In -Michael Shamus Wiles FX
    2010 Make It Or Break It Extra - Oprea Patron ABC Family
    2010 Medium Extra - Pedestrian CBS
    2010 Medium Extra - Upscale Rstrnt Patron CBS
    2010 Men of a Certain Age Extra - Customer TNT
    2010 Mr. Sunshine Stand-in-Ronnie Cox ABC
    2010 Mr. Sunshine Extra - Older Couple ABC
    2010 Mulligan Extra - Older Diner Couple Hallmark
    2010 Parenthood Extra - UC Berkley Faculty NBC
    2010 Retired at 35 Extra - Board Member TV Land
    2010 Shake it Up Extra - Senior Disney Channel
    2010 Southland Featured - Priest/Lookey Loo TNT
    2010 True Blood Extra - Driver HBO
    2010 Warren The Ape Extra - Audience Member MTV
    2009 Anita Renfroe Project Extra - Church Goer ABC
    2009 Big Love Extra - Office Employee HBO
    2009 Bones Extra - Upscale Neighbor FOX
    2009 Circle of 8 Extra - Homeless
    2009 Cold Case Extra - Stan Hargreave(Photo) CBS
    2009 Cold Case Extra - 1980s Hockey Spectator CBS
    2009 FlashForward Extra - Upscale Neighbor NBC
    2009 General Hospital Extra - Jail Guard ABC
    2009 Gossip Girl Extra - Hollywood Agent CW
    2009 Harry's Law Extra - Flasher/Pedestrian ABC
    2009 Hawthorne Extra - Visitor TNT
    2009 Lie To Me Extra - Mourner/Teacher FOX
    2009 Megastorm Extra - US Cst Grd ViceAdmiral NBC
    2009 Parenthood Extra - Cashier NBC
    2009 Parks and Recreation Extra - Doctor NBC
    2009 Party Down Extra - Wealthy Investor Starz
    2009 Party Down Extra - Audience Member Starz
    2009 Raising The Bar Extra - Upscale Diner TNT
    2009 The Bridgit Show Extra - Business Traveler ?
    2009 The Eastmans Extra - Upscale Man CBS
    2009 The Eastmans Photo Double - D. Sutherland CBS
    2009 The Forgotten Extra - Grandparent ABC
    2009 The Mentalist Extra - Upscale Neighbor CBS
    2009 Wizards of Waverly Place Extra - Pedestrian Disney Channel
    2008 10 Items Or Less Extra - Shopper TBS
    2008 Brothers And Sisters Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2008 Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas Extra - College Professor WB Television
    2008 Cold Case Extra - Elderly CBS
    2008 Criminal Minds Extra - FDNY Brass CBS
    2008 Criminal Minds Extra - Upscale Hotel Guest CBS
    2008 Dollhouse Extra - Hotel Guest Fox
    2008 Eleventh Hour Photo Double - Sam Hennings CBS
    2008 Eli Stone Extra - Sonoma Shopper ABC
    2008 Generation Gap Extra - Doctor Hallmark
    2008 Grey's Anatomy Extra - Patient/Neck Brace ABC
    2008 Little Britain Extra - Upscale Gambler HBO
    2008 Mad Men Extra - Priest AMC
    2008 Priviledged Extra - Party Goer CW
    2008 Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy Extra - Priest ?
    2008 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Featured - Mourner Fox
    2008 The Amazing Mrs Novak Extra - Neighbor ?
    2008 The Starter Wife Extra - Driver USA
    2008 The Unit Extra - Country Club Guest CBS
    2008 Two And A Half Men (2 Episodes) Extra - Wedding Guest CBS
    2008 Women's Murder Club Extra - Upscale Rstrnt Patron ABC
    2008 Zeke & Luther Under 5 - Man @ Mailbox Disney XD
    2007 12 Miles of Bad Road Extra - Bar Patron HBO
    2007 Big Shots Extra - Funeral Mourner/Neighb ABC
    2007 Big Shots Extra - Golfer ABC
    2007 Big Shots Extra - Firmwood Golfer ABC
    2007 Boston Legal (2 Episodes) Featured - Partner ABC/Kelley Productions
    2007 Californication Extra - Customer Showtime
    2007 Caveman Extra - Country Club Person ABC/Touchstone TV
    2007 Cedric Extra - Hal Photo ABC
    2007 Criminal Minds Extra - Russian Mob CBS/Touchstone TV
    2007 Desperate Housewives Extra - Higher Clergy ABC
    2007 Dirt Extra - Visitor FX
    2007 Entourage Extra - Reporter HBO/Mo Villa Productions
    2007 Everybody Hates Chris Extra - Pedestrian CBS/Paramount TV
    2007 Everybody Hates Chris Extra -Coney Island Pedestrian CW
    2007 Everybody Hates Chris Extra - Casino Patron CBS/Paramount TV
    2007 Jimmy Kimmel Live Stand-In ABC
    2007 John From Cincinnati Extra - Hotel Manager HBO/Saticoy
    2007 Journeyman Extra - 1984 Cadillac NBC
    2007 Journeyman Extra - '90/'97 Patron NBC/20th Century Fox TV
    2007 Las Vegas Extra - Ranch Hand NBC
    2007 Las Vegas Featured - Minister NBC
    2007 Life Extra - LAPD Chaplain NBC
    2007 Mad Men Extra - Doctor AMC
    2007 Mind of Mencia Extra - Office Type Comedy Central/Central Productions
    2007 Moonlight Extra - Onlooker CBS
    2007 My Boys Featured - Chicago Cubs Owner TBS/Sony TV
    2007 October Road Extra - Knights Ridge Senior ABC
    2007 October Road Extra - Catholic Priest ABC
    2007 Pretty Handsome Extra - Halloween Party Guest FX
    2007 Samantha Who? Extra - Pedestrian ABC
    2007 The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman Extra - Pedestrian IFC/
    2007 The Riches Extra - Investor FX
    2007 The Unit Extra - Pedestrian CBS
    2007 The Unit Extra - Pedestrian 20th Century Fox TV
    2007 True Blood Featured-Bar Patron HBO/Fangbanger Productions
    2007 Two And A Half Men Extra - Theater Lobby Patron CBS
    2007 Without A Trace Extra - Senior Donor ABC
    2007 Women's Murder Club Extra - Hospital Visitor ABC
    2007 Zeke & Luther Under 5 - Man @ Mailbox Disney XD
    2006 Big Love Extra - Driver HBO/Triple Love
    2006 Boston Legal Extra - Neighbor ABC/Kelley Productions
    2006 Brothers And Sisters Extra - Mourner ABC/Touchstone TV
    2006 Close To Home Extra - Jury Foreman CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Cold Case Extra - Train Conductor CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Cold Case Extra - Bar Patron CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Cold Case Extra - Cop CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Curb Your Enthusiasm Extra - Mourner HBO/Curb Your Enthusiasm, Inc.
    2006 Day Break Extra - Business Executive ABC/Touchstone TV Prod. LLC
    2006 Desperate Housewives Extra - Patient ABC/Touchstone TV Prod. LLC
    2006 Entourage Extra - Party Goer HBO/Mo Villa Productions
    2006 Everybody Hates Chris Extra - Driver CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 Everybody Hates Chris Principal - Doctor CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 Everybody Hates Chris Extra - Pedestrian CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 Everybody Hates Chris Extra - DMV Patron CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 Grey's Anatomy Extra - ER Staff ABC/Touchstone TV
    2006 Heros Extra - Pedestrian NBC/
    2006 Insatiable Extra - Priest Showtime/Showtime Picture Develop.
    2006 Jericho Extra - Townsperson CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 Justice Extra - Pedestrian FOX/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Las Vegas Stand-In - John Getz NBC/NBC Studios
    2006 Las Vegas Stand-In - Bill Macy NBC/NBC Studios
    2006 Medium Extra - Mourner CBS/Paramount TV
    2006 My Boys Featured - Chicago Cubs Owner TBS/Sony TV
    2006 NCIS Extra - Driver CBS/Belisarius Productions
    2006 Passions (Soap) Extra - Pedestrian NBC/Outpost Farm Productions
    2006 Re-Activated Extra - Board Member Cartoon/Appleday Pictures
    2006 Talk Show With Spike Feresten Under 5 - Audience FOX
    2006 Tell Me You Love Me Extra - Pedestrian HBO/Girl On Top Prod.
    2006 The Closer Extra - Upper Level Detective TNT/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman Extra - Mourner IFC/
    2006 The Riches Extra - Panco Employee /TVM Productions
    2006 The World's Astonishing News - Plane Hijack Principal - Passanger B NTV/ Duo Creative Communications
    2006 Though None Go With Me Extra - Townie Hallmark Channel/NORT
    2006 Three Strikes Extra - Mourner Central/Comedy Central
    2006 West Wing Stand-In - Chandler Hill NBC/Warner Brothers TV
    2006 Without A Trace Extra - Doctor CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Big Love (3 Episodes) Extra - Hotel Guest HBO/Triple Love
    2005 Blind Justice Extra - Restaurant Patron ABC/Bochco Media, LLC.
    2005 Book of Daniel Pilot Extra - Parishioner NBC/Topanga Productions
    2005 Boston Legal(6 Episodes) Extra - Associate Partner ABC/Kelley Productions
    2005 Close To Home Extra - Doctor CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Cold Case Extra - Gambler CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Crossing Jordan Extra - Bailiff NBC/NBC Studios
    2005 CSI: NY(2 Episodes) Extra - NYPD Brass CBS/CBS Productions
    2005 Curb Your Enthusiasm Extra - Temple Goer HBO/Curb Your Enthusiasm, Inc.
    2005 Gilmore Girls Extra - Yale Faculty WB/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Half & Half Extra - Guest Legend Ball UPN/Eye Productions
    2005 House(2 Episodes) Extra - Doctor FOX/Universal Networks TV
    2005 Jack & Bobby(2 Episodes) Extra - Godparent,Formal Guest WB/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Judging Amy Extra - Senator CBS/
    2005 Las Vegas Extra - Sugar Daddy NBC/NBC Studios
    2005 Love, Inc. Extra - Subway Passanger UPN/Paramount
    2005 McBride: Murder Past Midnight Extra - Court Room Spectator Hallmark/Goliad Ltd.
    2005 Medium Extra - Mourner CBS/Paramount TV
    2005 Medium Extra - Business Lunch Patron NBC/Paramount
    2005 Scrubs Featured - Patient NBC
    2005 Six Feet Under Extra - Funeral Director HBO/Six Feet Under Productions
    2005 Strong Medicine Featured - Lt. Governor, PA Lifetime/Wooster Productions
    2005 Summerland Extra - Party Guest WB/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 The Comeback Pilot Extra - Grove Customer HBO/
    2005 The Inside Pilot Extra - Older Couple FOX/Imagine TV
    2005 The Mike's Pilot Extra - Church Goer Pilot/Aviation Standard
    2005 The O.C. Extra - Partner Associate FOX/Warner Brothers TV
    2005 Wanted Extra-Kingpin(Photo) TNT/Spelling TV
    2005 Welcome to Crunkville Pilot Extra - Resident MTV
    2004 Alias Extra - Elegant Party Goer ABC/Touchstone TV Productions, LLC.
    2004 American Dreams Extra - Audience Member NBC/NBC Studios
    2004 Boston Legal(4 Episodes) Extra - Associate Partner ABC/Kelley Productions
    2004 Brady/Gluck Pilot Extra - United Executive FOX/Twentieth Century Fox
    2004 Charmed Extra - Gambler WB/Warner Brothers TV
    2004 dr. vegas Extra - Upscale Gambler CBS/CBS Productions
    2004 Everybody Loves Raymond Extra - Race Track Patron CBS/Talk Productions
    2004 Eyes(2 Episodes) Extra - JRM, FBI Agent ABC/Warner Brothers TV
    2004 Gilmore Girls(2 Episodes) Extra - Yale Faculty WB/Warner Brothers TV
    2004 Guilty or Innocent(Reasonable Doubt) Extra - Minister HBO/Pilgrim Films and Television
    2004 House(2 Episodes) Extra - Patient FOX/Universal Networks TV
    2004 Malcolm In The Middle Featured - Grandfather FOX/Regency TV Productions, Inc.
    2004 The Bernie Mac Show Extra - Priest FOX/Regency TV Productions
    2004 Two And A Half Men Featured - Restaurant Patron CBS/Warner Brothers TV
    2004 West Wing(3 Episodes) Extra - Aide & State Dept. Rep NBC/Warner Brothers TV

    Year Company Role Target
    2016 The Pillow of Health Extra - Audience Member Health Pillows
    2016 Volvo(SAG) Extra - Festival Goer Car Buyers
    2015 Blue Lagoon Cruises(SAG) Extra - Brunch Patron Fiji Cruises
    2015 GMC(SAG) Extra - Driver/Pedestrian Truck Sales
    2014 Fruit of the Loom(SAG) Extra - Patient on the Table,, Underwear
    2013 Acura(SAG) Extra - Race Track Bettor Car Buyers
    2013 American Express(SAG) Extra - Pedestrian Credit and Debit Cards
    2013 Kimberly-Clark Extra - Art Gallery Patron Skin Care
    2012 Fauquier Health Featured - Doctor Health Care
    2012 Featured - Townsperson Tourism
    2010 Bank of America Extra - Julliard Concert Guest Banking
    2010 Butterfinger Photo Double - Adam West Candy
    2009 Pepsi Extra - Formal Dinner Guest Soft Drinks
    2008 "What happens in here stays here" Extra - Wedding Guest Tourist
    2008 Aflac Extra - NASCAR Patron Insurance
    2008 Army National Guard Extra - Driver Recruitment
    2008 BMW Extra - Queen Mary Passenger Automobile
    2008 (SAG) Stand-in/Photo Dbl-Ed McMahan Internet Financial
    2008 NFL Extra - Fan Sports Fans
    2008 Orbitz (SAG) Extra - Cheer Leading Judge Gum Chewing
    2008 Royal Bank of Scotland (SAG) Extra - Golfer(Not Used) Finacial Services
    2008 SoftBank Extra - CEO Telecommunications
    2008 Tele 2 Extra - Pedestrian Cellular Telephone
    2007 Coca Cola Extra - Parade Attendee Soft Drinks
    2007 Farmers Insurance 2006 Cadillac Only Insurance
    2007 Hallmark Extra - Pedestrian Greeting Cards
    2007 Hewlett Packard Extra - Businessman Computer Market
    2007 K Swiss Extra - Hotel Guest Athletic Shoes
    2007 Extra - CEO Buy Shoes On-line
    2007 Taylor Made/Adidas Extra - Golf Gallery Sports Gear
    2007 Verizon Wireless Extra - VZ Employee Cellular Service
    2007 Verizon Wireless Extra - Recital Goer Cellular Service
    2007 Vitamin Water (SAG) Extra- Concert Goer Sports Drinks/Bottled Water
    2007 Zetia Extra - County Fair Patron Pharmaceuticals
    2006 America On Line Extra - Spectator Internet Service
    2006 Discover Card Extra - Business Executive Credit Card
    2006 Fox Extra - Business Executive Fox Reality
    2006 Ritter Sport Extra - Party Goer Candy
    2005 Ameritrade Extra - Race Official Securites
    2005 Cell South Extra - Football Spectator Wireless Service
    2005 Coors Light Extra - Football Fan Coors Light
    2005 Discovery Channel Promo Extra - Golfer Programming
    2005 Ford Extra - Ford Employee 2006 Explorer
    2005 Fox Sports Net Promo Extra - Businessman MLB Allstars 2005
    2005 Kay Jewelers Extra - Airport Passenger Jewelry
    2005 Merrill Lynch Extra - Business Executive Financial Services
    2005 MTV War of the Worlds Promo Extra - Tourist Movie Goers
    2005 Outback Steak House Extra - Golf Gallery Restaurant Patrons
    2005 PBS Promo Extra - Airline Passenger PBS Viewers
    2005 Sony Extra - Race Car Fan Entertainment Products
    2005 Verizon Cellular Extra - Basketball Game Rooter Cellular Telephone Users
    2005 World Wrestling Entertainment Extra - Roman Senator Wrestling
    2004 Budweiser Extra - Football Spectator Budweiser Beer
    2004 Coors Extra - Basketball Game Rooter Asahi Beer
    2004 Net Zero Extra - Crowd Scene Internet Access
    2004 Spin Promo Extra - Chess Player Movie Goers
    2004 Sprint Extra - Golf Gallery Telecommunications Users

    Year Title Role Company
    2007 Digital Character Model Icon Studio
    2006 Magazine Article Model Fidelity Investments
    2006 Stock Print Photography Model Getty Images
    2005 Magazine Article Model Kiplinger
    2005 Stock Print Photography Model Digitalvision

    Music Video Experience
    Year Title Role Video Name
    2015 Your Love (Mike Jenkins) Extra - 1979 Cadillac Digital Film Studios
    2010 Ayumi Hamasaki Extra-Airline Crash Scavanger Bounce Productions
    2009 Bank Job Featured - Loan Officer DNA Productions
    2005 Happiness Extra - Businessman Platinum Weird
    2004 Shorty Wanna Ride Extra - Business Executive Young Buck
    2004 Shut Up Extra - Upscale Hotel Guest Simple Plan

    Year Role
    2004 Operation Safeguard 6 Extra - Business Executive Pilgram Films & Television

    Formal Training
    Year Institution Course Type
    2005 The Actor's Edge Audition Technique
    2005 The Actor's Edge Commercial Technique
    2005 The Actor's Edge The Seven Steps to Stardom
    2005 The Actor's Edge Scene Breakdown Study Technique
    2005 The Actor's Edge Method Acting
    PHOTO DOUBLE for Steve Tom on TV The Spoils of Babylon PHOTO DOUBLE for Jon Voight on TV Ray Donovan PHOTO DOUBLE for James Brolin on TV Blackout PHOTO DOUBLE for Adam West on Web Commercial for Butterfingers PHOTO DOUBLE/STAND-IN for Ed McMahon on Web Commercial PHOTO DOUBLE for Donald Sutherland on TV The Eastmans PHOTO DOUBLE for Mike Farrell on feature film Out At The Wedding PHOTO DOUBLE for Max Von Sydow on feature film Rush Hour 3 PHOTO DOUBLE for Sam Hennings on TV Eleventh Hour STAND-IN for Sam Elliott on Justified STAND-IN for Barry Bostwick on Franklin & Bash STAND-IN for Ray Wise on Far East Orlando STAND-IN for Barry Bostwick on Scandal STAND-IN for Michael Shamus Wiles on Justified STAND-IN for Barry Bostwick on Cougar Town STAND-IN for Barry Bostwick on Glee STAND-IN for Chevy Chase on Community STAND-IN for Chandler Hill on West Wing STAND-IN for John Getz on Las Vegas STAND-IN for Bill Macy on Las Vegas STAND-IN for Oliver Muirhead on National Treasure: Book of Secrets STAND-IN for Writer's Father on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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