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Click to view Isabel's profile on Hey, my name is Isabel and I LOVE SSC!! I'm looking for auditions for movies and I want to be a singer and I've always wanted to try out modeling. I haven't had an account long but I've already gotten an e-mail from a modeling agency and someone wanting ...
Tallahassee, Florida
Click to view Ty's profile on "Being a bronze member isn't that bad. I've been contacted by 3 modeling agencies in the last two weeks and am finding a lot of auditions near me! This site really works!"
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"HI, my name is Ofir and I'm 12 years old. I just signed up as a gold member and I love it! I have already seen myself on the front page as a featured talent and my views go up rapidly every day. Thanks to you I got contacted by an agency. You rock Star S...
LALALA, Connecticut
Click to view Brandi's profile on Another exciting update. I have several projects in the works thanks to, Star Search Casting. I've looked at other sites, and this one is by far the best I've found. Thanks, Brandi
Tuscola, Illinois
Click to view Charlie's profile on I have a bronze membership on SSC and thought the chances of anyone seeing me would be slim. After only 12 weeks on SSC I received an offer to participate in a paid modeling shoot and was thrilled!! Thank You SSC this is just what I needed to help make m...
standish, Michigan
Click to view Michelle's profile on I have an audition for a play this weekend, thanks to this website!!! I never would have known about it if not for joining. It is soooo great to be able to audition for things that I know I have a chance at getting. Finally I am on par with the rest of t...
Spokane, Washington
Click to view John's profile on "I've been on Star Search for a couple of years now & I have gotten steady work. I recently auditioned for a major motion picture and I got the lead! Thank you star search Casting!"
Bakersfield, California
Click to view Sophia's profile on "Thank you so much SSC!! Now, I booked a modeling agency!! Yey!! THANK YOU SSC! "
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
"Thanks to SSC I've been able to accomplish many of my dreams. Just be patient and a call will be calling your house and you will be as happy as ever! :)"
elko, Nevada
Click to view Gabriella's profile on "I just wanted to send a quick thank you for creating this site. It has been a fountain of information and resource for my daughter, Gabriella Noelle. We have already met so many wonderful contacts here and we've only been members for 14 days! We check th...
Yonkers, New York
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    Success Stories & Testimonials Member Success Stories

    Thanks to all of our loyal members who have shared their success stories. We wish you all a very bright future. If you have a success story of your own please share it with us by clicking here.

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    I got got picked for the new upcoming film by Alex Whitmer "Finding Me" we start shooting in late October. I just got picked as an extra for season 2 of "Majic City" Thanks, SSC
    Miami, Florida
    This website is simply a stepping stone for very many people out there looking to get into many fields that directors tend to look for. IT's AMAZING. Amazing, how a site like this is a available for anyone and everyone. Words cannot describe what SSC does for many people like me. As soon as I signed up the profile views started racking up and I cannot help but smile. Thank you SSC for making others' dreams come true.
    Lubbock, Texas
    I have a call from a casting ditector recently it was shocking... Im so excited for my future!
    Orlando , Florida
    I Would Like To Thank SSC For Creating This Amazing Website To Give Everyone A Chance Of What Fame Taste Like, I Have Noticed Quite A Number Of Casting Directors Check Out MY Page Hopefully One Of Them Picks Me. Once Again Thank You SSC & Good Luck TO Everyone Out There!(:
    arlington, Virginia
    It helps to wait on SSC. I applied to a casting call and i got an email saying that someone would like to work with me! I don't know how far it will go, but it is a start. Now I understand why this site is so lovable :)
    New Jersey &, New York
    SSC is the best! Without you I would of never perfecting my acting talent! Once again, a great, big shout out to all you people in front of the monitor. ;) .
    This Website is Awesome! I just signed up for it and love it already! SSC is the best.
    Brooklyn, New York
    As Soon As I Signed Up I Got Straight To It I Applied For 3 Eoles And 2 Want To See Some Photos (Its Modeling) Its Hared For Me Because Im In The UK But It Still Works!
    Hi :) Just joined this site and its already amazing, i know a lot of people who have had so many jobs from this site and i hope i'll be able to have the same opportunity as they did :)xx
    I love SSC! I worked with other sites and I have to say I don't need to look anymore. This site is by far the best! I signed up and in a week I get calls to model with my expenses plus guest paid! Me and a guest!!!! I think this is goin to be big!! Thank you soooo much SSC I'm sorry for doubting u....
    Matteson, Illinois
    "Well I only have 1 call back but after 3 days thats pretty good."
    spicewood tx, Texas
    "A soon as I upgraded my membership I recieved casting calls the same day. SSC is a great casting site!"
    Augusta, Georgia
    "Hey guys! This site is AMAZING! I have only been on it for a week and I have been offered for a job 4 times! This is really my dream, thank you so much Star Search for helping me live the life I have always wanted too!"
    "SSC is great and very very helpful I haven't been contacted by a director but am praying to god that I be famous<3"
    "SSC is an amazing website! This is the most trust worthy website i have ever seen! I want to become and actress on Disney Channel and my dream is becoming true! Thank you SSC!"
    "My first month on SSC and I've been accepted to modeling agency! Thank you!!!!"
    Yucaipa, California
    "Well i had my account for about a good 10 minutes and i found 2 auditions in my area and i love this web site so far.....this is the real deal!"
    Lakewood, Washington
    "Woww i only been on dis website for 3 days and i already have 3 auditions thanks alot ssc !!! ur da best ever!"
    columbus, Georgia
    "I am young and live in a small town. I've had trouble finding acting auditions. I've found a ton of auditions. This website is great! Thanks to the founders of the site and good luck to others looking for auditions!
    "Wow i never thought I would write one of these but 2 days on SSC and I got contacted by an agent! This site is AWESOME and I'm only a bronze member!"
    San Rafael, California
    "I'm Pretty Happy! I got a message back for casting in hollywood for acting/singing!! I love to sing and thats what I want my life to be about! MUSIC!!! So hopefully something happens when I call this manager and I get to go to hollywood!! :)"
    Evansville, Indiana
    "Thanks so much to this site :) It's only been 2 days and I already have an audition. I knew this website worked but I never knew it would work that fast. This website rocks!!"
    "OMG! I just signed up with SSC like two weeks ago and I thought casting calls weren't coming in ,silly me, I didn't check my email for a couple of days and when I checked it, a lady from Castings USA had emailed me and said contact me immediately, so I thought it was a lie when I called she said Nikki let me speak to your mother so I said she wasn't here, when my mom contacted her a day later she was like I want your daughter to do an ad campaign for Chukee Cheese's and she recommended more, SSC rocks. I also got an email from them saying that I was hand-picked by one of their staff members saying that I most likely make it in this industry, I am only a bronze member tis is a dream come true, but I will upgrade to gold tomorrow."
    Miami, Florida
    "After reading everyones stories. it makes me more excited. im even more happy becuz i have been called and asked to make interviews. im super excited!! I Love SSC!!!"
    paxton, Florida
    "I First Wanna Thank My Lord For What Hes Done, Second SSC You Guys Really Helped Me To Shine, Ive Always Had A Dream OF Being An Actor/Singer And YOu Guys Made It True Ive Had 6 Casting Directors Call My House For Auditions Thank You SSC !!!!! <3"
    Alexandria, Virginia
    Pages: 12345  1 - 25 of 941        
    Page of 38

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