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Ashleigh last logged in on 04/26/2009 at 8:06PM Ashleigh (ID #9025816)
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Ashleigh's Blog

Hey guys! I don't have a chance to get on here very much but thought I'd write a little bit about what all has been going on. It's been a pretty busy year for me and now I'm also in college. Juggling my music career and my education has been really hard but they're both very important to me, so I'm giving it my best shot! This is a list of some of the things I've been lucky enough to do this year... Sang at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, TN - I was surprised that it was soooooo small! It was packed that night and an A & R rep was there to hear me sing. I have to say, I was very, very nervous! Everyone said I did great but I always think I can do better. It still was a great time just being at the infamous music niche in Nashville where some of the all time greats were "discovered" and still come back to perform once in a while. Sang as the featured performer at the Bear Hollow Dinner Theater in Monteagle, TN. It was a double header show with myself and Lee Gibson performing. We each had our own set; however, Lee did play acoustic guitar for me that night. My local friends/fans came and we all had a ball. Only thing was two of my friends that were on there way for the show ended up in a car wreck on Mounteagle Mountain and totalled their car. They thankfully got away from the wreckage with only minor cuts and bruises but still both had to go the ER to get checked out. Sang at Music by the Lake in Winchester, TN. This was at the Winchester City Park and there were several bands there that night. It was great getting to pereform for my friends and family right here at home. I'm known for my country music singing but I thought I'd surprise some of my former classmates from high school that came with a little rock! lol I sang Avril Lavegne's Losing Grip in the middle of my set. My friends loved it but the crowd was more of the country music type and I think I sent some of them into shock! lol Went to Hollywood, CA this summer to the School of Pop! Worked with some of the greatest music industry professionals and even got to work out every morning with Billy Blanks! Man, he worked our tails off!!!! But I had so much fun and let me say, he helped me get back in shape!! I met a ton of talented teens while I was there too and made several great friends that I still keep in touch with. While I was there, I had the opportunity to perform at the Kodak Theater in front of Hillary Duff's manager and Epic Records. I also went back to LA to CEO Space where they have a program for entrepreneurs. It was my last year in the teen class so my friends there and I made a few "Kodak" momenets! lol I had the opportunity to sing while there and I guess that's probably the biggest crowd I've ever performed in front of. There were so many there and on top of that, it was broadcast to over 21,000 viewers! That was really cool and the classes/training was awesome. One of my teachers...guess! Lisa Nichols (The Secret and also has been on Oprah!). My main teacher was Eve Hogan from Hawaii and she was just amazing. I learned sooooo much while I was there. I can never get too much education or training but it's great when you have the best teachers and alot of good friends there with you. I had a great tv opportunity and was the host for Nashville Spotlight where I was the featured singer but I got to meet and introduce all the other guests on the show that night. There are so many talented people out there! It was a lot of fun even though Mike, the producer teased me a lot. He's always horsing around and trying to embarrass me! lol Sang at Jamboree by the Lake in Winchester, TN. Well, this was probably one of the most SPECIAL events I've done. After meeting a ton of people on MySpace, my mom organized a get-together with a lot of them. Would you believe that some of my friends from Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, and even New York came to watch the show???? I was just amazed!!!! One of my friends, Carmine Dio, is also a singer and he also performed while here. He was one of the three that came from New York. We had just met for the very first time in person and decided we would sing duet on one of the nights of performing. He is one crazy dude! We had so much fun and our friends from MySpace want us to record a duet together. So....maybe I'll have a duet in the near future. You never know! Oh I have to tell you that one of the guys that came from Ohio, his name is Howie. He wrote a song specifically for me to sing and some of our other friends from Space, Donald and the Betz Brothers, well, they got together and wrote the music for the song. It is probably one of the most treasured things in my life as it was written for me in remembrance of three of my teen friends that died this summer. It's called God's Day Afternoon and is absolutely beautiful but I can't sing it yet. I cry every time I try to but Howie told me no's mine and I'll be able to sing it one day when the hurt is not so bad. I'm sure you're wondering what happened to them. Two girls and a guy went mudding in a truck and got stuck. It was colder than normal that evening and the girls got cold while waiting for their dad and brother to come get them. Well, they started the truck and turned on the heater. They had the windows down but still, they didn't know that the exhaust pipe was submerged under water. It caused the carbon monoxide to come back through the vents into the truck's cab where they sat waiting for help. They all three just went to sleep and never woke up. When their dad and brother got there, it was too late. It still is hard for me to talk about without crying..... So on with more good thoughts about this year... I got a new vocal & peformance coach! Bet you'll never guess who it is! Kim Wood Sandusky and she is the coolest lady!!! She works my vocal cords out like Billy Blanks worked my body out! lol If you don't know her name, that's ok but I bet you'll know some of her other clients....ever heard of Beyonce' or Destiny's Child? Yep, she's their vocal coach and also Pam Tillis' coach. There's a ton others but you get the picture....she is absolutely the best of the best. I just love that woman! She has really helped me ALOT just mature in my performance and breath control. Made the biggest change altogether. So...if you're an aspiring advice to you is to find the best vocal coach you possibly can and get busy!!! I also met a wonderful little girl named Mayci who has a terrible uncurable disease. I was asked to perform at a benefit concert for her in Union City, TN at the fairgrounds. I was so excited to see more of my fans (and of course family too there to support me and to help out little Mayci. BUT...another great thing happened that night! Mark Leland was there to perform as well and he asked me on stage to sing a duet with him. That was a night to remember too! I got a standing ovation after I sang my set and then afterwards when Mark was on and I joined him, we got a standing ovation for the duet too! How cool is that???? One of my friends got married this fall and asked me to sing at her wedding. I sang a song by ABBA as the bridesmaids walked the aisle (the bride's choice of song) and then for the couple's first dance, I sang one of my new songs going on the album called "All of Me" which was written by Simon May, the #1 songwriter in the UK. He wrote a fantastic love song and I have to say that I'm VERY honored that he chose me to sing it!!!! I'm getting ready to get back in the studio to record more songs. My producer and management team have picked out some GREEAT songs!! I'm so excited to get them recorded!!!! There's several fast tempo songs and a couple of ballads going on the album. After that I'm hoping to start touring a bit while still in college but this summer I'm already scheduled for California and some other places (I'll have to ask my manager later where all I'll be going. lol) Well, I've written a book here and I should be sleeping since I have classes in the morning...I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to get back on to write but I'll try to keep you updated the best I can. So many of you write me and ask how to get started in modeling, acting, and music. My advice to each one of you is to enroll in some type of training that'll help you learn your craft, read books about it, and PRACTICE! If it's something you're destined to do, then learn it the best you can, practice every moment you have and keep the faith! Nothing happens over night in reality. You have to fight for what you want to be the best and there's no fast forward button to push to get you there instantly. Keep with it and if you want it bad eneough, you'll make your dreams come true. I wish you all the very best of luck!!!! Nite, Ash

Gender: Female
Age range: 15 - 25
Hair color: Light Brown
Complexion: Medium
Hairstyle/Length: Long
Eyes: Green
Weight: 115 lbs / 52 kg
Height: 5' 9 " / 175 cm
Dress Size: 3
Suit Size: 3
Chest/Bust: DD
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Shoe Size: 10
Physique: Slender
Inseam: 36
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: Anywhere
Residence: Winchester, Tennessee, United States
Also available for work in: Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Knoxville, TN, Anywhere
Transportation Licenses: Car
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Known Accents: English, American Southern, Bronx, Valley Girl
Languages: English
Agent info
Kim Cole, Manager
Ashleigh Cole Music
Winchester, TN

Web site:
Ballet Star
Hip Hop Star
Jazz/Modern Star
Salsa Star
Tap Star
Two-Step Star
Cha-cha Star
Cabaret Star
R & B Star
Opera Star
Hip Hop Star
Blues Star
Pop StarStarStar
Musical Theatre StarStarStar
Country/Western StarStarStar
Contemporary Christian StarStarStar
Cheerleading StarStarStar
Jet Ski StarStar
Swimming StarStar
Bicycle Star
Bowling Star
Gymnastics Star
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Softball Star
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

TN born and raised by very supportive & loving parents. Born with a love for music of any kind. Began singing at age 3 for my mom and dad. Began public performances at age 12. Very passionate about singing and practice every single day to continue to improve and strengthen vocals. I'm a college freshman and juggle school and my career. To me both are very important! My goal is to land a record deal, record as many #1 hits possible, travel around the country singing those hits for fans for as long as they will listen, make as much money as I can while I can - doing what I love. Also, finish college and graduate with a degree in music & become a voice teacher. Please take a minute to listen to my audio clips on my personal SCC site.

I love making new friends! Please visit me on my MySpace music site and send me a friend request! www.myspace.comashleighcolemusic And I'd love it if you check out my new website and sign my guest book!!! If you'd like to keep up with all the latest on my career, sign up for my newsletter on my personal website.

I now have a fan club!!! If you'd like to join it, Lu is my President and runs the club. Request friends at www.myspace.comashleighcolestreetteam and tell Lu I sent you to her!!

(Parents, all of my sites are safe. My mom and MySpace Cops patrol both MySpace sites and my mom runs my personal website for me.)

Hope to see you over there!!! ;D

Experience, Vocal Perfomances & Talent Competitions:

Kodak Theater - Hollywood, CA
School of Pop - Hollywood, CA
Benefit Concert for Mayci Hogg - Union City, TN
Music by the Lake - Winchester, TN
Jamboree by the Lake - Winchester, TN
Featured in multiple magazines, newspaper articles, radio interviews, TV interviews
Member of Ladies of Country Music -
Nashville Spotlight TV Show - Nashville, TN
Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, TN
Hall of Fame Lounge - Nashville, TN
Polly Crockett Festival 2006 & 2007
Tennessee Corrections Association Annual Conference - sang THE NATIONAL ANTHEM
IBI / CEO Space Teen Graduation
Lead Female Role as Audrey in musical play "Little Shop of Horror"
Yesterday to Today Musical Revolution
Franklin County Idol
High on the Hog Talent Competition Winner
South Jackson Goes Country Singer/Stage Performer (also in commercials for the event)
Oasis Talent Competition
Big Brother Telethon
Broadview Country Music Festival
Encore Music Show
American Legion Performer
Broadway Hits on Parade Musical
Welcome to the 21st Century Musical
2004 Christmas Musical - Show Choir
2005 Christmas Musical - Show Choir
2006 Christmas Musical - Show Choir

2006 Miss Sunburst USA Queen
2006 Miss Estill Springs TN Teen America

I'm passionate about singing and I love to sing country, rock and pop music. I'm now singing with a great contemporary gospel band, Won by One. You guys are the BEST!!! I want to return to LA to be with all my buds from CEO Space!! (Miss you guys!) I love hanging out with my friends and riding dirt bikes & 4-wheelers, horses and playing with my 2 dogs. I love animals of any kind and I also love to help others in any way that I can. It's been great this year meeting and talking to people from all over the world. I love learning about other people's passions and dreams so please contact me if you just want to talk!
I will be working with music industry execs in California this summer on my first full album!
  1. Determined
  2. Willing to learn - willing to work hard for success
  3. Able to accept constructive criticism
  4. Honest
  5. Good hearted, fun loving Southern girl

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