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Daniel last logged in on 10/18/2007 at 6:42PM Daniel (ID #9106936)
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Gender: Male
Age range: 29 - 60
Hair color: Light Brown
Complexion: Medium
Hairstyle/Length: Short
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 165 lbs / 74 kg
Height: 5' 7 " / 170 cm
Suit Size: 42
Waist: 32
Shoe Size: 9
Physique: Muscular
Facial Hair: Beard Can Go From Clean Shaven To Moustache/beard Or Goa
Inseam: 31
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: 200
Residence: San Diego, California, United States
Also available for work in: San Diego, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Riverside, San Francisco
Transportation Licenses: Car
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
I am a look-alike of: People often say I look like a Kennedy - I have often been told I closely resemble a young JFK
Known Accents: American LA, German, French, Spanish, Persian, New England & Maine/Canadian
Languages: English
Club StarStar
Waltz Star
Ballet Star
Highly skilled in Musical Stage choreography and a StarStarStar
Line Star
Two-Step Star
Jazz/Modern Star
Musical Theatre StarStar
Cabaret Star
Country/Western Star
Pop Star
Rock Star
Soul Star
Soccer Star
Roller Skating Star
Rowing Star
Snow Boarding Star
Volleyball Star
Softball Star
Swimming Star
Track & Field Star
Motorcycle Star
Water Skiing Star
Yoga Star
Racquetball Star
Baseball Star
Kayak Star
Ice Skating Star
Bowling Star
Billiards Star
Athletics Star
Snow Skiing StarStar
Sailing StarStar
Rollerblading StarStar
Driving-Boat StarStar
Cycling StarStar
Bicycle StarStar
Aerobics StarStar
Weights StarStar
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

Acting has always been a strong interest and I have usually had at least some part-time acting gig going on since I first discovered acting in school when I was a young teen-ager. I pursued acting into high school and college and have participated in many professional and semi-professional projects throughout most of my life. In High School and College I was cast in many different productions which included many classical musicals and musical comedies and then later I was a professional entertainer for a company in Sacramento, California called "Monkey Business" where I portrayed many different characters including singing telegrams and part entertaining.

For 5 years I held a position as a performing bartender for a nightclub in Sacramento, California called "Twist & Shout".

My most recent projects include professional work as an extra for Background San Diego in the production soap opera "The Art of Betrayal" which will hopefully air this winter (re-titled Wicked, Wicked Games). I also played a small part in a short film for Vyce Productions called "Trails Of Dust" in which I portray a gas station owner/operator who is the father of the lead role, Arthur Thompson. Also cast in two other upcoming projects; "Skidmarks, The Movie" and a student film at San Diego State University, I am very excited to be working in the film industry since my previous acting career has mostly been live entertainment.

This last summer I was cast in 4 different musical comedies in the New England area which included the following roles & shows; Ali Hakim in "Oklahoma" with the Franklin Opera House in Franklin, New Hampshire - Ozzie Babson in "Irene" with the Streetcar Company in Laconia, New Hampshire - Officer Horace Dewberry in a musical melodrama entitled ' The Great Winnipesaukee Steamboat Race and Musical Talent Contest" (Officer Dewberry was a lead role - the hero of the melodrama) and a featured dancer and chorus member in "My Fair Lady" also with the Streetcar Company in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Musical Comedy is my favorite genre and I have a fairly strong and decent singing voice in the Baritone/Bass range. I am a very solid actor with a strong speaking voice which people often compliment me on. I have never needed a stage microphone as my voice is very strong and booming when it needs to be. Most sound engineers like to work with me since projection is a strong point and I always stand out in a cast.

I went to college at Cal State Hayward for Computer Science and for the last 20 years I have held many professional positions in the computer industry including my current position with Price Waterhouse Coopers where I hold the title of Cluster Network Administrator. I have worked from home, part time, for the past 7 years which has afforded me the freedom to pursue my lifelong love of acting. I hope to one day make acting my full time career.

During my employment with Price Waterhouse Coopers I have authored many technical documents for use in the cluster offices for which I was responsible which included; San Francisco, Portland-Oregon, Eugene-Oregon, Seattle-Washington, Spokane-Washington, Salt Lake City-Utah, Denver-Colorado, Boise-Idaho and others. I have also been responsible for many corporate presentations and training seminars to both help desk employees, computer network staff and on occassion accounting staff. My duties also include extensive computer network documentation, planning and diagraming.

Especially because of my computer science career and education, I am a technical guru and quite proficient with electronics and technology of all types. In addition, one of my hobbies is the study of physics and I speak "computer geek" fluently. I have embraced all new technology and learn new technology extremely quickly. Very "hands on" and a true "jack of all trades".

For 2 years I worked as a writer and administrative assistant to the editor of the "San Francisco Sentinel Newspaper", a weekly paper with a distribution of 65,000 copies in the San Francisco Bay area and owned and run by San Francisco entrepreneur, Ray Chalker. During my employment with the Sentinel I wrote movie and restaurant reviews, managed the advertising department and bookkeeping for the paper.

For 2 years I was an operations manager for a start-up telecommunications company located in San Francisco, California and owned by a private contractor, Ben Stiegler, (Ben Stiegler Associates and Synertel). As operations manager I was completely responsible for project planning, supply and maintenance, managing a crew of 4-6 telecommunications technicians, project management, business account, tax preparation and payroll, as well as human resources.

In the early days of my computer career I also held positions as a computer programmer developing software for a medical supply company which included billing, accounting and customer management software. I also was a contractor for several temp agencies working on projects in the field for fortune 500 companies such as Montgomery Securities and many smaller companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I ran my own successful florist shop located in Laconia, New Hampshire for several years; "Rainforest Tropicals" which awarded me a 2nd place position in the 2002 New Hampshire State Home Show for best special product. I designed the entire business model including the inside of my retail store which replicated a tropical rainforest which even included a real waterfall with live tropical amphibians and fish.

My professional career and academics have always put computer science first and acting second. At the height of my computer career, I am a computer network engineer for Pricewaterhousecoopers and previously commanded a salary well into 6 figures. Currently I am still employed by Pricewaterhousecoopers as a consultant on a part time basis only which allows me the freedom to pursue my acting career full time while still affording a very comfortable life style.

My current career goal is to pursue acting as a full time career, eventually phasing out the computer science field altogether. After some 25+ years in the computer science industry, I am ready for a change and at a position in my life to pursue my true love, acting.
I am an avid skier, rollerblader, runner, weight lifter and I enjoy live theatre and movies as well. I have two loveable dogs and raising/training dogs has also been a life long hobby. I am extremely good with working with animals of all kinds including birds. A strong reader and writer; I have written many technical manuals and documentation including a 2-year position as an administrative assistant to the editor of "The San Francisco Sentinel", a weekly newspaper that was published in San Francisco for many years and owned by San Francisco entrepeneur, Ray Chalker. During my employment with the newspaper I wrote restaurant and movie reviews for the paper as well as many editing projects. I was directly involved in production on all levels including advertising sales.

I love to dance and sing. I have had 2 years of classical ballet/jazz and Modern dance training at the Berkeley School of Dance in Berkeley, California and I greatly enjoy dancing in musicals and performing on stage. I am very confident and comfortable in front of a live audience.

I am an avid Science, (especially physics), and technology fan and regularly study physics and science in my own personal time. I am a huge fan of Professor (and noted author) Stephen Hawkings as well as a longtime fan of Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and many other science and science fiction writers. A very proficient reader and writer.
  1. I have a very strong and wonderful Speaking voice - Perfect For the Stage
  2. I have an excellent Singing Voice - Baritone to Bass - Perfect For the Stage
  3. I am an excellent character actor - Playing roles from Comic to Drama - Excellent timing & facial expressions
  4. Very High Energy and I love to sing & Dance - Extremely confident & comfortable in front of a live audience
  5. High Energy - Over Achiever - Very Successful/ Extremely Reliable & Honest - A Real Boy Scout

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