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Devorah Lynne last logged in on 11/17/2016 at 10:23PM Devorah Lynne (ID #4728723)
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Gender: Female
Age range: 28 - 35
Hair color: Black
Complexion: Freckless
Hairstyle/Length: Long Straight I Have A Lot Of Wigs Too
Eyes: Light Brown
Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kg
Height: 5' 7 " / 170 cm
Dress Size: 16
Suit Size: 16
Chest/Bust: H
Waist: 40
Shoe Size: 9
Physique: Heavy
Hat Size: 7
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: Anywhere
Residence: Costa Mesa, California, United States
Also available for work in: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, San Francisco
Transportation Licenses: Car, Boat
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, Native American/Indian
I am a look-alike of: Helena Bonham - Carter, Younger Kate Winslet, Younger Brooke Shields
Unique Attributes: Color Contacts, Piercing, Can Wear Glasses If Needed
Known Accents: American LA, German, French, English, Russian, Irish, Scottish, New Zealand, African, American Southern, Brooklyn, Bronx, American NY, Italian, Spanish, Valley Girl, Farsi, Persian, many others - ask!
Languages: English, German, Some Arabic
Vocal range: Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto
Guitar StarStar
Drums Star
Percussion Star
Keyboard/Piano StarStar
Bass Guitar-Professional StarStarStar
Jazz/Modern Star
Waltz Star
Indian Star
Hip Hop Star
Folk Star
Ethnic Dancing Star
Club Star
Belly Star
R & B StarStarStar
Opera StarStar
Country/Western StarStar
Soul StarStarStar
Reggae StarStarStar
Rock StarStarStar
Pop StarStarStar
Jazz StarStarStar
Hip Hop StarStarStar
Heavy Metal StarStarStar
Cabaret StarStarStar
Blues StarStarStar
Musical Theatre StarStarStar
Kick boxing Star
Weights Star
Tennis Star
Softball Star
Ping Pong Star
Martial Arts Star
Baseball Star
Horse Jumping Star
Bicycle Star
Basketball Star
Aerobics Star
Sailing StarStar
Horse Riding StarStar
Driving-Boat StarStar
Fencing StarStarStar
Foil Fencing Level Six, Right and Left Handed StarStarStar
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

Personal Information:
Birth Date: October 14, 1976
Body Type: Hour Glass
Height: 5' 7"
Shoe Size: 8 - 9
Eyes Color: Golden Brown ( I Wear Contacts ).
Hair Color: Black, but was Auburn - So, Willing to Change Both to Any Color Required
Ethnic Ancestry: Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, Native American ( Chickasaw and Cherokee ), Scottish, and Welsh ( possibly Middle Eastern ).
Band, Room 105, was nominated at the *2003 Orange County Music Awards for Best Blues Band and CD was named Top Three Best Releases of the Fall in Orange County by the Orange County Register, has worked with the Susan B. Komen, Race for the Cure, for the past 6 years, and played for various events hosted by the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association Heart and Sole, and South Fork Blues Festival. To further prove my steadfast dependability and easy to work with demeanor, the Orange Coast Fencing Academy Headmaster named me the " Best Class Volunteer 2004 - 2005 " at the 2005 Yearly Awards Ceremony and " Teacher of the Year 2007 " • Orange Coast Fencing Academy's Awards Banquet , Orange Coast Fencing Academy " Teacher of the Year 2008 ", 2008

1. Member: MEIEA, MEISA, and NAMM Winter Conference Attendee 1992 - Present
2. Local 7 of the American Federation of Musicians Member in Good Standing 2002 - Present
3. Contracted Endorsee of John Pearse Bass Strings Center Valley, Pennsylvania 1995 - Present

1. Orange Coast College Associate in Arts Degree in Music and Theatre Orange County
* Awarded a Certificate in Vocal Performance.
* Consistent Dean's and Honor's Lists with a GPA of 3.96.
* Recipient: Ralph Van Beck Memorial Scholarship and Orange Coast College Music Scholarships.
2. Intensive study: Comedy, Directing, Drama, Film, Stage, & Writing; Music Performing, Recording, & Theory: Blues, Classical, Funk, Jazz, Pop, & Rock.
3. Character / Scene Study, Cold Read, Improv, On - Camera, Masters Classes: Actors' Creative Workshop, C. Hogan, D. Wright, K. Garcia, Performers Academy, P. Hall, & The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach.
4. Private Instruction: Acting ( A. Golson / C. Hogan ), Bass ( C. Ewing / G. Chaisson ), Fencing & Stage Combat Training( P. Rosse ), and Vocal ( K. McBride / R. Mark / E. Howard ).
5. Orange Coast Fencing Academy: Level Six ~ Foil, Strong Right & Left Hand Fencing, Competitor, Aide / Fencing Instructor / Private Lessons: Level 1 - 3, and Stage Combat.
Skills and Talents:
- Ambidextrous, Caring and Genuine Person, Hard Worker, and Quick Study.
- Computer Experience ( Various Programs: Experience and Knowledge ).
- Horse and Domesticated Animal Management Experience ( Care, Handling, Knowledge, and Driving and Riding Both English and Western ).
- Languages Known and Authentically Reproduced Accents:
Keen Talent for Absorbing Accents: Australian; British Cockney, Lower, & Upper Class; Canadian; French; German; Irish; Middle Eastern; New York; Russian; Scottish; Spanish; and United States East, Midwest, & Southern.
Studied German 4 Years, Began Learning Arabic & Persian, & Sang Differing Styles in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, & Spanish.
Working Knowledge of Foreign Language Pronunciations: Arabic, Egyptian, Farsi / Persian, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.
- Instruments: Professional Level ~ Electric Bass, Keyboards and Piano, and Vastly Varied Style of Vocals (Classical, Show, Pop, Blues, Rock, R & B); Intermediate Level ~ Power Chords, Single Note, or Lead Guitar and Time - Keeping Drums.
- Vehicles ~ Bicycles; Cars and Trucks: Both Automatic and Manual Transmissions; Carts and Coaches: One ~ Horse and Pony Carts and Carriages; and Ships: Sailing Experience - Ten Years of Ocean Sailing Capability as a Previous Cal - 20 Sailboat Owner and Frequent Sailor.
- Voiceover Talent, Who Creates a Wide Array of Diverse Sounds and Voices by Utilizing a Huge Vocal Range and Varying Tonal Qualities.
- Weapons ~ Guns: Handguns, Rifles, and Sharp Shooting; Fencing: Right and Left Handed ~ Foil: Competing Level Six, Orange Coast Fencing Academy, Student Assistant / Class Instructor / Private Tutor: Level 1 - 3, Member: U.S. Fencing Association and Swashbuckler's Fencing Club, & Sabre: Level One; Stage Combat: Capes, Dialogue, Knives, and Swords; Whips: Bull, Driving, Lunging, and Riding Whips; and Wooden Staff. Strong interest in learning Archery!
- Writer of Numerous One ~ Act Plays, Poetry and / or Song Lyrics, Varying Length Novels, Scenes, Scripts, Short and Long Stories, and Songs, Both the Words and Music Alone or in Collaboration.

General Interests:
- Animals: Especially Domesticated Animals and Horses.
- Arabic, Indian, and Muslim Cultures: Dancing; Horses; Jewelry; Languages.
- Aviation ( Particularly Military Aviation ~ Helicopters and Fighter Jets ).
- Collect: Boots, CDs, Model Horses, Star Wars, Tolkien, & Ethnic Jewelry.
- Archeology/Egyptology; Basic Scientific Data; History/Humanities; World Languages; Mythological, Historic, & Sci-Fi Fantasy Writing
To play the wide spectrum of characters with honesty, intensity, and truth throughout while ever fully utilizing my creativity and stretching the limits of myself as I improve my Craft!
  1. Ambidextrous, Hard Worker, and Quick Study!
  2. I enjoy a reputation for high integrity, great focus and productive performance, high business and personal standards, and being a self motivated, self-starter
  3. I feel confident my corporate dedication; extensive business, dramatic, film, literary, musical, and stage experience and studies; high-expected standards; and very cooperative nature would complement the success of your current roster of artists
  4. I am honestly caring, kind, and sincere, and what you see is what you get with no hidden agendas involved!
  5. I am highly creative in many different areas: being an actress, endorsed Bass Player, singer of Opera, Jazz, and R&B, and writer of scripts and songs.

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