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Exciting News

Posted by Pegasusangel, 27 August 2012 · 1320 views

Well I submitted my profile to several casting directors, and one e-mailed me back for a new line fashion photo shoot.  Unfortunately I have a prior commitment that is during that date.  I wish I could go though, it sounds like an excellent opportunity.  I'm still a little skeptical, since I cannot attend this casting call SSC provided, so I can't post much else except I'm hoping for more of these.  Also during a time that I can go to it.  

I'm going to have my sister take some pictures of me.  She is really good at Photography and is going to school to become a professional photographer.  I trust her ideas on good pictures for both my facebook, and my profile here.  Not only that but America's got Talent is holding Video auditions for next season.  I need to have my sister tape me singing Angel.  

Had a good day at work today, one of the kiddos gave me a big snot filled kiss on the cheek lol.  

Anyway just wanted to post my good news about this audition. Too bad I couldn't go.  I am still hoping to find an agent through this site.

Heare are my biggest dreams:  To become a Contemporary Christian artist, to become a regular on a t.v. series, To be in some of my favorite shows(Phineas and Ferb, Pokemon, Good Luck Charlie, or a show about a mental health illness, being in a movie or commercial is probably a long shot. But if I get more call backs to be a model that would be the best start, and looks excellent on any resume.