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Posted by amiliarust, 16 May 2013 · 3069 views

Meh Okay so in this picture,I'm the Brown-Haired one.... the blonde is one of my best friends...... ummmm i don't really know how this whole thing works yet.... so any help and info. would be much appreciated... especially to know what the union # is and how i figure out what mine is

Hey! So to answer your Union# question... Some actors/actress's are affiliated with unions; A non union actor is basically anyone who is NOT affiliated with the major acting Unions such as SAG, AFTRA, or Equity As a non union actor, you are either paid very little or not paid at all. You also don't get the health insurance benefits and various other benefits that a Union Actor would get. If your not a union actor you wont have a union# Unions are basically companies that help negotiate contracts and working conditions and such with producers on your behalf among other things. If your interested in becoming union: Equity is a union for stage actors (Theater) and SAG & AFTRA are for screen actors. Pros: -All of the major films, most of the major tv shows, and commercials are SAG. You must be SAG to regularly work those shows. AFTRA deals with a lot of the TV shows and anything Radio. -higher pay and residuals. -Free movies -Can vote on union issues -Protection from the union. ie. poor set conditions/treatment, etc. -Health insurance benefits -SAG Conservatory -Film society Cons: -If you join too early, it will be very difficult for you as an actor. -Fewer jobs -Politics -Dues -Can't do any non-union stuff
Hope that helped! :)

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