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Star Search Casting Is The Best Social Networking Site For Actors, Dancer, Singers & Models

Posted by Jonathan Parker in Jonathan Parker's Talent Blog, 24 July 2008 - - - - - - · 4754 views

Popular sites like Myspace.com, Friendster.com and Linkedin.com have revolutionized the way individuals connect on the Internet. From keeping in touch with friends to networking and establishing vital business contacts, social networking has quickly become apart of most web users’ daily lives. While Star Search Casting is most commonly known for maintaini...


Posted by NeverIsTooLate in NeverIsTooLate's Blog, 29 February 2016 - - - - - - · 867 views

hi im lauren and I love music and pizza im 14 and I'm in high school. im really weird yet nice but can be mean if I have to. I really want\need a job for the summer, so if anyone can help that would be great. I don't really know what else to put so bia

Ripping Runways Magazine Model Casting Calls 2016

Posted by konsciousmoney in International Beauty Movement Casting News, 03 October 2015 - - - - - - · 2447 views
model search 2016

Ripping Runways Magazine Model Casting Calls 2016 Ripping Runways Magazine Casting Calls 2016 For Female Models, Designers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, and Fashion Stylists looking To Take Their Career To The Next Level

If you are looking for an incredible opportunity to gain worldwide exposure as a print model, a talented designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, or talented fashion stylist looking to...

My Second Day On Site

Posted by dj84449 in dj84449's Blog, 23 August 2015 - - - - - - · 942 views

This is my second day on the site and I am hoping to find work as a model.  Being short and athletic really is a disadvantage, but not giving up.  Loved working for La Mystique Boutique in SouthEast, GA. and really hoping to gain some experience for bigger projects!!!

My First Blog!

Posted by Aliciasap in My Blog, 16 March 2015 - - - - - - · 1514 views

So, hi my name is Alicia. This is my blog. I'd like to start it by saying being a singer, actress, and dancer has always been a dream of mine. I have wanted this probably since I was eight years old. I was watching my first disney channel show and I knew that I wanted to be on it. And now I really don't care what station I am really on, but I love The Vam...

Social Networks

Posted by Maddi_mads94 in Maddi_mads94's Blog, 14 March 2015 - - - - - - · 995 views

wanted to share some of the social networks I use:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maddi_mads94

Instagram: http://instagram.com/maddi_mads94

Pintrest: www.pinterest.com/blazendancer094/

Tumbler: https://www.tumblr.c...blazendancer094

Vine: https://vine.co/#/u/921880527802347520

Googleplus: https://plus.google....526197762/ab...

Poker Baby

Posted by Valerie Clare in Littlebit77's Blog, 10 September 2014 - - - - - - · 2613 views

Poker Baby I play Texas Hold Em faithfully, and I won a championship back in 2009 in my home town.I play on Full Flush and Hog Wild. My poker nickname is Littlebit.I have been interviewed on Full Tilt Radio and Raw Radio X (Picture included) for playing poker and for films I have been in. Lots of fun.


Posted by Nearre in Little Black Sheep, 12 August 2014 - - - - - - · 1092 views

Ello, I'm the little black sheep and I'm new here. Today was a normal day, No emails from anyone yet, but I still have hope.  I like this blogging thing and I think I'm going to make it a regular thing. I feel like I'm talking to myself, is anyone reading this? If so, comment so I don't feel like a crazy person. If anyone had advice I can take all the Adv...


Posted by miaclark in miaclark's Blog, 11 May 2014 - - - - - - · 1108 views

Hey guys, i'm Mia and i'm a funny, self confident and very tall girl. My favorite color is blue and i love reading a lot. I also enjoy using tumblr and various social media. And i love taking pictures as well as being in them.

Getting The Hang Of Things

Posted by amore0521 in amore0521's Blog, 21 April 2014 - - - - - - · 1048 views

I new to the website and I am trying to get the hang of everything and how they work.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to Jonathan, I have began to make some progress on the website.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.~Henry Ford

New To This

Posted by mayrav008 in mayrav008's Blog, 22 January 2014 - - - - - - · 1328 views

Hello everyone, I am new to this website and am not quite sure exactly how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Free Vocal And Performance Workshop

Posted by JonathanGeorge in JonathanGeorge's Blog, 08 August 2013 - - - - - - · 1401 views
Jonathan George, JG Entertainment and 4 more...

FREE Vocal and Performance Workshop!

Calling all aspiring singers and performers!

Hollywood Launch hosts FREE Vocal & Performance Workshop with L.A.’s renowned talent expert Jonathan George.  

Ages 8-21 who are aspiring singers and performers with vocal ability are welcome to attend. All styles welcome!

Learn Jonathan’s secrets that have helped ma...


Posted by rna1520 in rna1520's Blog, 10 June 2013 - - - - - - · 1609 views

hi everyone,
i am new to this and i am very confused. any help will be appreciated.
thank you, roxy


Posted by amiliarust in AmiliaRust's Blog, 16 May 2013 - - - - - - · 3069 views

Meh Okay so in this picture,I'm the Brown-Haired one.... the blonde is one of my best friends...... ummmm i don't really know how this whole thing works yet.... so any help and info. would be much appreciated... especially to know what the union # is and how i figure out what mine is


Posted by makaylaleanne in makaylaleanne's Blog, 29 October 2012 - - - - - - · 2151 views

Today has been a good day. I've just gotten to relax and spend time with family, but I did add a couple of photos so enjoy those. And message me if you are interested in me being an actress or a model.

Signing Up

Posted by JLgirl98 in JLgirl98's Blog, 14 September 2012 - - - - - - · 2528 views

Signing Up Hello, I'm Jay! I'm new to this site and I just have to say, I am absolutely LOVING IT!!!! I've been on for a day and a 1/2 and already gotten 5 emails from different directors and agents asking me to audition for things. I live and breathe performing. Everyday I wake up in the morning thinking about performing and I go to...

Play Friv, Limited Time Offer Computer Games Free

Posted by gamelove57 in gamelove57's Blog, 14 September 2012 - - - - - - · 1618 views

Do you need some free games to experience online ANYTIME? Currently, every one's internet access there are numerous free internet games that numerous of people are playing in your extra time. So whether you are searching for online weird games to have, or if you're on the classics - you'll want in order to find them and also play them online...

Seeking A Dream!

Posted by lauramejia in lauramejia's Blog, 07 September 2012 - - - - - - · 2671 views

Seeking A Dream! hi, i'm laura!

when we want be a artist , we think going to be so easy, but really is so hard, my dreams is i become a singer , because is my dream but for my parents or friends that is crazy. Now i don't have nobody, no one support me and i don't know why because if other can why i can't?...
this is my blog, one blog of a girl that s...

Exciting News

Posted by Pegasusangel in Pegasusangel's Blog, 27 August 2012 - - - - - - · 1371 views

Well I submitted my profile to several casting directors, and one e-mailed me back for a new line fashion photo shoot.  Unfortunately I have a prior commitment that is during that date.  I wish I could go though, it sounds like an excellent opportunity.  I'm still a little skeptical, since I cannot attend this casting call SSC provided, so I can't...

[email protected]

Posted by DominikaKoler in Contact, 25 August 2012 - - - - - - · 1312 views

[email protected]

Acting Schools And Agents.

Posted by HayleeRLederer in HayleeRLederer's Blog, 18 August 2012 - - - - - - · 1392 views

I have no idea how to get an agent.  The closet talent agencies that are around me are about 2 hours away.  Im pretty sure.  And for acting school, Im still not sure. Im still looking.  
  Somebody please tell me, how I can get a good agent.

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