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Posted 16 January 2006 - 09:30 AM

Hello everyone! I just wanted to warn you of another scam.....like there aren't enough scams already. They posted a topic "Seeking new faces, talent, etc." and the e-mail address is [email protected] (they claim the company is talent studios but the actual name is image without limits-a makeover company). DO NOT GO FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently got scammed with money. My advice is DO NOT GET SUCKERED BY AN "AGENT" WHO ASKS YOU TO PUT MONEY DOWN!!! ESPECIALLY IF THEY GO THROUGH PAYPAL, WHICH IS WHAT THIS PERSON STACY HAS DONE!!!.....REAL AGENCIES DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY AT FIRST...IF THEY WANT YOU, THEY WILL WELCOME YOU ABOARD AND THEY WILL WAIT TO YOU BRING IN THE PROFITS FOR THEM, THEN THEY WILL TAKE A PERCENTAGE OFF FROM WHAT YOU MAKE. That's how you know if they are legit. I don't care if that agency sees this, I do not want anyone else to get suckered and have their pictures possibly ripped off, while the person doesn't get "a piece of the pie". Take care of yourselves.

In continuation of what I previously posted........watch out for agents who say you need professional pictures taken.......real legit agencies would say that a current snapshot is fine (headshot, full bodyshot) and that it DOES NOT have to be professional. If they were a real agency, they would truly see the "look" and "potential" that a person has, rather than the place of where you took your photos. Also, another piece of advice......look at the agency under the Better Business Bureau.....a good rule of thumb is that if they are not under there....DO NOT BOTHER WITH THEM. The BBB is one of your best bets as far as any problems you may encounter with an agency. You can take the agency to court easily. Also......patent your pictures/work/information.....so it would be difficult for any rip-offs to occur. I AM FIGHTING BACK AND TAKING OVER AGAINST "TALENT STUDIOS" OR WHOEVER CLAIMS THEY ARE MODELING/TALENT/ACTING AGENCIES!!! Just remember that real agencies DON'T ask for money up front.

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