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Cbs Show 'ghost Whisperer' Now Casting Major Roles

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Posted 24 August 2009 - 10:55 AM

"Ghost Whisperer", the supernatural drama show from CBS, is now casting several starring roles for production beginning in September.

Now entering its fifth season, this show is about a paranormal investigator named Melinda Gordon who is able to communicate with the dead. She uses her special abilities to help the dead pass through to the other side.

"Ghost Whisperer" stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Camryn Manheim. It is being written by John Gray and Laurie McCarthy, and is being directed by Eric Laneuville.

The show is produced by Kim Moses, Catherine Butterfield, John Gray, and P.K. Simonds for Sander/Moses Productions and CBS Television Studios.

Send emails to [email protected] by August 28th for more info.



"Carolyn", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Carolyn is an empathetic, attractive, and friendly schoolteacher who extremely enjoys her job. It gives her great pleasure to watch young people learn. Carolyn is now dealing with a very personal tragedy----her father has recently died from Alzheimer's disease. She tries to continue functioning normally but she clearly carries the weight of sadness on her shoulders. STARRING ROLE

"Erica", any ethnicity, 20s. Erica is a shy, down-to-earth, and emotionally withdrawn young woman who enjoys riding horses on her family's farm. While Erica is not quite as outgoing as her older sister, she is still a caring and well-meaning person. Her father recently passed away, and she wishes that she had spent more time with him in his final years. Erica seems especially quiet and introverted because she is dealing with the feelings of regret surrounding her dad. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Amy", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Amy is an elegant, attractive, and wise woman who appears in the form of a ghost. Amy was once in a romantic relationship with the eccentric millionaire Nathan. Before she passed away, Amy had given birth to Nathan's child----without him knowing that she had even been pregnant. She has now returned in the form of a ghost in order to give her son an urgent warning. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Rose", any ethnicity, 50s - 60s. Rose is a nurturing, caring, and humble mother who whose son Nathan has grown up to be an extremely wealthy and renowned software mogul. Rose has chosen to live in ordinary surroundings----she is not overly concerned with material possessions. People frequently are impressed when they find out that she is Nathan's mother. But while Rose is very proud of her son, she never lets his success go to her head. CO-STARRING ROLE


"Chip", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Chip is a clean-cut, highly-educated, and somewhat arrogant guy who works at an antique shop. He can't stand his current job. He's only working at the antique shop because he lost his other job and he's in a bad financial spot. He's very rude with the shoppers at the store and wishes that he didn't have to speak to them. Chip went to grad school and feels that he should be in a better career position in life. He comes across as bitter to the point of ridiculousness. SERIES REGULAR

"Zack", any ethnicity, 20s. Zack is a very smart, temperamental, and serious-looking expert computer programmer. He is very dedicated to his work and is obsessive about every aspect of it. Zack is sometimes prone to outbursts of anger when other people are not performing up to his standards. He is currently studying the sounds recorded from a home security system in order to help capture some burglars who broke into a wealthy man's house. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Nathan", any ethnicity, Mid 30s - 40s. Nathan is an eccentric, extremely wealthy, and brilliant computer software inventor who works from his home office in his luxurious house. His home office has a hip and laid-back feel to it. He is very well-liked and appreciated by the people who work for him. But despite his huge fortune, Nathan has many problems. He has lots of mental anxiety and he has few friends outside of his business. Nathan tries to get these problems under control by turning to Eli for his words of advice. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Sean", any ethnicity, 20s. Sean is a charismatic, athletic, and rebellious young guy who has a mischievious attitude to him. Sean was killed when he was working on a farm several years ago and he now appears in the form of a ghost. His ghost is seen horseback riding. No one ever knew the real cause of Sean's death, and Melinda takes it upon herself to discover the truth. CO-STARRING ROLE

Please send photos and resumes to [email protected] by August 28th for more information!


#2 Lj BlessT

Lj BlessT


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Posted 13 November 2009 - 12:30 PM

Hi my name is leroy ward i am 19 years old

im really interested in auditioning for the character Sean on your show Ghost Whisperer, i live in England but travelling would not be a problem i found the audition on SSC website if there are any details you need please email me and i will email you back

yours sincerely

leroy ward

#3 Perry.Sinks90



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Posted 16 November 2009 - 10:09 PM

I'm not too sure how serious this is or if
it's real or anything but I wouldn't mind playing the role of Zack.
I'm 19 years old and this would be something I'd like to do.
Although they're probably looking for someone skinny and nerdy with glasses. lol
I can pull off nerdy. :Smug:
Anyway if this is serious look me up and tell
me wheather or not i'd be suitable please.

#4 moii



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Posted 21 November 2010 - 08:20 AM

Moises Zarate

Will sorry for the interruption will i was very interested in the character "Sean" will expect a message from you and i will very grateful for your attention i will thank you for that. I live in Mendota,CA I'm 15 years old and I will try my best to do whatever you ask me to attend.


Moises Zarate

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