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I Got Scammed Again :(

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#1 BlackNAznBoi



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Posted 18 May 2006 - 03:37 AM

This time from a modeling company type thing... i dunno what i was thinking! that's just it i wasn't thinking! i didn't do my research i jumped into getting into modeling to fast! I found this ad on craigslist for partime modeling job. So i thought wow that would be a great job and since i live in LA now... when in Rome type thing... lol anyways so i went for an interview they said they would review me and if i make it i'll meet with execs and take test shots... so the next day they called for me to come meet with an exec... i was so excited and caught up in the moment so i went answered some questions took some test shots than the lady sent me out in the waiting room for a few min... than i came back in and i got the "job" which i came to find out isn't a job at all there a damn website that charges 29.95 a mother fuc*in month! to use there site which has exclusive listings only available to there site which is total bullsh*t! pardon my french... and they set me up with a photographer to take pics for there digital composite that would be on there site... which cost me 750 bucks! I was caught up in the moment and handed them my credit card like it was nothing!

So the next day i was all excited cause I had a photoshoot with a "professional" photographer for all i know the guy probably never took a photo a day in his life! Anyways i had a makeup artist there too doin my makeup which was funny. Anyways I had a good time at the photoshoot but the makeup artist told me that she only gets paid 40bucks for every person who comes in and there was 3 people all takin there photos at the same time by the time i left. So i left with a smile cause i had a good time. When i got home i remembered that site ripoffreport.com the BBB site that reviews business and i thought i think i'll check out to see if infinite talent is on there... which i wish i hadn't... what you don't kno won't hurt u... :( so yeah i was shocked to find that they were on there and had a lot of people ranting about them. I was shocked and pissed to read all the stuff about them... how they move around every couple of months once they get found out... they've changed there name a bunch of times and the lady i first met with at the first interviews name came up on a bunch of the complaints and it's just crazy i'm pissed and i dunno what to do! somebody help me! :( I wanna do something but i wanna get my 750 buck pictures first! even though they only paid the damn photographer 80 bucks and kept the damn money for themselves! I can't believe this happened to me again!

#2 Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker


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Posted 21 May 2006 - 09:43 PM

Well I guess one good thing is you are learning what to watch out for and I dont think anyone will be able to scam you again after the experiences you have had.

#3 pNoiAthlete



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Posted 08 June 2006 - 07:09 PM

Damn! I'm SO sorry to hear that terrible occurrence. I REALLY do feel u, because something similar happened to me last January with a so-called talent agency. I hope things get better for you, and it's true, at least you learned what to look out for in a scam, and though it "costed" something, you've learned, just like me. People like you, me, and others who got scammed in the past need to keep up this fight against people who like to "toy around" with people's dreams. I felt helpless and vulnerable, and didn't know what to think after my occurrence, but I finally got it together. I was ready to give up on my dreams, but doing that will only let the bad guys win over me. Don't give up, just keep on taking the precautions and do things such as copyrights, getting things down on paper, etc. Take care, and best wishes.

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