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Click to view Kaylee's profile on Hi SSC this site is amazing! Everyone always says wow you have to know someone to be a star! But SSC makes it sooooo easy to find and get auditions, thx SSC!
land o lakes, Florida
Click to view mark's profile on SSC is the best!!! I have looked for a website like this and they want me to pay 500 - 600$!! And I thought it was ridicules but Star Search Casting is so much cheaper its awesome! You rock SSC!!
northern jersey , New Jersey
Click to view Aisling's profile on Thanks to you guys, I have been given a chance to perform live in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. Im so happy, thank you so much!! U guys ROCK!
milton keynes, Buckinghamshire
Click to view tabitha's profile on "I just started here not too long ago and I've been contacted to do some modeling for an agency with an all expense paid trip to California! I live in basically the middle of no where and I didn't think that I would ever be able to make my dreams come tru...
Richland, Mississippi
Click to view Zachary 's profile on I am very impressed with this website. In only two days, I have received three audition offers. It seems like every day I log in my resume grows even more. Thank you very much SSC!
Tampa, Florida
Click to view Brook's profile on I have only been on for about a week and already have an audition!!!! I've gotten a lot out of SSC! I love SSC. Thank you.
las vegas, Nevada
Click to view Elle's profile on "I have been trying to find jobs for a while now and it's been hard to do so without paying lots of money. While just being a bronze member I was offered a job by an Educational Television Studio in Taiwan, they are filming this summer in Vienna. I can't ...
Issaquah, Washington
Click to view Anthony 's profile on "Im been a member for 2 weeks and i got an email two days ago. Ive got my first job as an extra next week. THANKS SSC"
Maywood, Illinois
Click to view Natalie's profile on This site is awesome. I've gotten lots of hair modeling offers from SSC!
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Hey, This site is so awesome! I have only been part of this for a DAY, and I only have one part that is going to be on Disney Channel!!!! It is just awesome! Thanks so much SSC!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!"
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    Before You Join Any Casting Site, Read This!

    In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of online casting sites springing up all over the Internet. While some of these are legitimate sites, many are just wannabe sites that dont begin to provide the services you need to start or further your career in the entertainment business. Worse yet, many sites are just scams that will take your money and provide absolutely no value in return. Weve discovered sites that claim to have talent search engines (which is what casting directors, agents, etc. use to find the talent theyre looking for) and found these so-called search engines dont actually work! Many sites claim to have a lot of members, but when you do an actual search, very few people are actually found. Worst of all; many sites have a serious track record of complaints with their local Better Business Bureau.

    So how do you tell the difference between a legitimate casting site that will give you real value, and a wannabe or scam site? Heres a good place to start: ask a few important questions before joining any online Casting Site!

    The following are some questions you should ask about any online casting company you are considering joining:

    1. How much money does the site charge?

    Most sites will give you a free basic membership but then charge you a lot of money to upgrade and get a membership that will actually give you access to the features you want. At SSC we have eliminated the cost barrier by creating an innovative program that allows any member to upgrade to any membership level without paying any money at all. Click here for more details on upgrading your membership for free.

    2. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau? Have complaints been filed against it?

    We cant stress enough the importance of the BBB seal of approval for online casting sites. In the past few years, the industry has seen a proliferation of casting sites who are happy to take your money but dont have the technology or integrity to back up their claims. With close to a decade in business, Star Search Casting is, to our knowledge, the only site of its kind that has gone through the rigorous scrutiny necessary to become a member in good standing with the BBB. Our excellent track record proves that Star Search is a company you can trust!

    Click here to search BBB complaint records for other companies.

    3. How large is the companys online database of members?

    You wouldnt shop at a grocery store if their shelves were empty. Similarly, without an extensive inventory of talent, casting directors and agents will simply not show up. The Star Search membership base is in excess of 0,000, and an average of 322 of our members are contacted each week for work in hundreds of different productions. This is an indication of the large numbers casting directors, talent agents, producers, and other industry professionals that are using SSC every week to find talent!

    4. Does the sites search technology really work all that well?

    This is critical because industry professionals just wont bother with a site that doesnt have a dependable, state-of-the-art talent search engine that will enable them to find who their looking for instantly at the click of a button. The technical requirements and sophistication needed to successfully operate and maintain a casting site like Star Search are enormous and have taken years of refinement. The ease with which Casting Directors can search and access our talent is one of the reasons these industry professionals rate us #1 and why over 18,000 contacts for work have been made to our members in the past 6 months alone!

    Please click here for further information on the state-of-the art technologies, Star Search Casting provides its members to help them them be successful.

    5. How much traffic does the site receive?

    Star Search Casting was created with one purpose in mindto help talent be discovered, showcased, and find work in the entertainment industry. In order to facilitate this, you need a tremendous number of people coming to your site. Star Searchs tracking system shows that over 270,000 visitors come to our site each month and with over 1,060,000 page views in the last month alone (Note: these are not hits which total over 20 million monthly). These amazing statistics are proof that our members are getting the kind of exposure they need to make it in the entertainment industry.

    6. Are people being discovered & really getting work from the site?

    This is something that may be hard to determine just by looking at a site, but again, if its one of the many relatively new, unknown sites that doesnt already have tens of thousands of members; you can bet that not many industry professionals are using it to find their talent.

    Another consideration: does the site have valid statistics of how many of its members are being contacted for work? Probably not. Unlike Star Search Casting, most sites dont even have the technological capability to monitor and collect these kinds of statistics, and therefore have no way of really knowing if their members are getting work or not. Compare this to Star Search Casting which is not only equipped with the most sophisticated technologies of any company in the business to internally track the success of our members, but updates these statistics daily on our Homepage. The numbers there tell the story as well as the many unsolicited testimonials that constantly come in from SSC members. Click here to see our Member Success Stores.

    7. Does the company protect your privacy & is it child safe?

    This needs to be one of your biggest concerns when joining an online casting site and it certainly is ours. Our experience is that few sites pay much, if any attention to this important consideration. However, as a member of Star Search Casting, you can be assured that our technologies and monitoring systems go beyond what is necessary to protect your privacy in every way possible. Click here for further information.

    For more information on the benefits Star Search Casting offer you, Click here.

    8. How long has the company been in business?

    This is important because if a company hasnt been in business for at least several years, its highly unlikely that it has a large enough talent data base to attract Casting Directors or even be known to entertainment industry professionals. What that means is that you are far less likely to be discovered on such a site.

    By contrast, Star Search Casting, having been in business for close to a decade, is one of the first, longest running, most experienced, and best known online casting sites in the industry. And with a huge membership base and thousands of incredible success stories, Star Search has become the #1 site casting directors and agents use to find new talent. This means your chances of being discovered by the entertainment industry are far greater as a SSC member.

    Disney auditions, Disney casting calls, child acting, child modeling, baby modeling, Hannah Montana auditions, teen auditions, teen casting calls, acting auditions, modeling auditions, tv auditions, acting casting calls, modeling casting, calls, tv casting calls, commercial auditions, commercial casting calls, baby modeling auditions, baby casting calls, child auditions, child casting calls, movie casting calls, movie auditions, modeling jobs, acting jobs Click for Additional Options